Toshiba Satellite 5205-S705 User Manual Addendum

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Recording or viewing tv programs

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Recording or Viewing TV Programs with Your Satellite® 5205-S705 Computer Thank you for purchasing the Toshiba Satellite® 5205-S705 computer. Using your computer’s integrated TV Tuner and the Microsoft Windows® Media Center Edition operating system, you can record or view TV programs. Transmission quality may vary by location and channel. For best results in recording or viewing, the Satellite 5205-S705 requires the use of an external Set-top Box or Cable Box using a high quality signal as the main source. Failure to comply with these instructions will not produce optimum recording or viewing quality. See the steps and diagram below for more information, or refer to the Windows Media Center chapter in the online user’s guide for your computer. To get the best possible performance from your Toshiba computer, and keep it running at optimal levels, be sure to regularly check for applicable updates. To connect the signal source from the wall to a VCR and TV using a coaxial cable: 1

Remove the coaxial cable from the VCR input and connect it to the input of a coaxial cable signal splitter (not included).


Recording or Viewing TV Programs with Your Satellite® 5205-S705 Computer 2

Attach two coaxial cables to the splitter output connectors.


Connect one of the coaxial cables to the VCR input and the other end to the TV connector on the computer.

Existing setup

Add the notebook with a splitter Wall


Set-top box/ satellite In

Remote sensor control cable


Cable Coaxial cable

Remote sensor

Set-top box/ satellite In

Set-top box/ satellite Out

Set-top box/ satellite Out

Splitter In Splitter Out Coaxial cable

Coaxial cable TV (in) on side of notebook VCR In



VCR Out Coaxial cable



Sample wall to VCR and TV setup 4

Connect the remote control receiver to 1 of the 3 USB ports.


Connect the remote sensor to the back of the remote control receiver, and place the remote sensor IR port onto the Set-top box's IR receiver port.



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