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S15 Application Guideline 6.0

Fast Start Guide

When commissioning a VFS15, the first step is to ensure the correct logic is selected with SW1. Sink logic is the left position, and source logic is the right position. Applications with dry contact controls will use sink logic, and controls supplying 24 Vdc will use source logic.

Setting Dial

Enter Button 

Mode Button

On first power up, the unit will ask you to select a country of operation. Select usa. Once the screen shows 0.0, hit the mode button once. auh should be displayed. Turn the setting dial clockwise until you see the following parameters, and use the enter button to change the value. Once the value is changed, use the enter button again to save the changes. The following is not a comprehensive list for every application, but contains all the recommended parameters from Toshiba for a simple S15 setup.



DESCRIPTION Command Mode Selection (Start/Stop Command)


1: Panel Keypad

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ADJUSTMENT RANGE 0:Terminal Block 1: Panel Keypad 2:RS485 Communication 3: CANopen Communication 4: Communication Option






Frequency Setting Mode Selection 1 (Frequency Reference)

0: Setting dial 1

ADJUSTMENT RANGE 0: Setting dial 1 1: Terminal VIA (0-10Vdc) 2: Terminal VIB (0-10Vdc) 3: Setting dial 2 4: RS485 Communication 5: UP/DOWN from external logic input 6: CANopen Communication 7: Communication Option 8: Terminal VIC (4-20mA) 11: Pulse Train Input 14: sr0


Acceleration Time 1

10.0 s

0.0-3600 s


Deceleration Time 1

10.0 s

0.0-3600 s


Upper Limit Frequency

60.0 Hz

0.5-fh Hz


Lower Limit Frequency

0.0 Hz

0.0-ul Hz


Base Frequency 1

60.0 Hz

20.0-500.0 Hz


Base Frequency Voltage 1


230 (230V class) 460 (460V class)

V/Hz Control Mode Selection


0: Constant Torque

Motor Electronic Thermal-Protection

100 %

Level 1

50-330 (230V class) 50-660 (460V class) 0:Constant Torque 1:Variable Torque 2: Automatic Torque Boost Control 3: Vector Control 4: Energy-Saving 5: Dynamic Energy-Saving 6: PM Motor Control 7: V/F 5-Point Control 10-100 %

Note: DEFAULT values are based on user selecting usa on the setup menu.

To access the remaining parameters, use the setting dial to scroll through the programming menu until you see f4--. Hit the enter button, and then scroll to the parameter numbers to make changes. PARAMETER





Motor Rated Capacity

--- kW

0.01-22.0 kW


Motor Rated Current

--- A

0.01-100.0 A


Motor Rated Speed

1710 RPM


Current/Voltage Unit Selection

0: %

100-64000 RPM 0: % 1: A/V

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