Samsung AW069CB Owners Instrucitons

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Window-type room air conditioner (gooling)

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Air Gonditioner Room Window-type (Gooling)

@O DBsi-00656A(3)


Each Component


* The design and shape are subiect to change.

Air inlet(Outside)

lnnerairflow blades(righuleft orientation)

Air outlet Ventilationlever

FrontGrille Air inlet(Outside)


Powerplug (Thetypeof powerPlug maydiffer,dependingon the localpowersuPPlY).

Temperatureffimer se{ings

Mode selection button (Cool, Fan, DrY) Energy Saver button

adiustment Temperature buttons

Sleep timer setting button


button Timersetting

Fan speed adjustment button

Remote control


RemoteControl - Buttons

Timer settingbutton Sleeptimersetting button

Modeselection buttons

Temperature adjustment buttons

Fan speed adjustment buttons

EnergySaver button


I CettingStarted


You have just purchased a Samsung window-type noom Air Conditioner which should be installed by following your installation manual. You Ownerns Instructions contain valuable information on using your air conditioner. Pleasetake the time to read them as they will help you take full advantage of the unit's features. The booklet k organized as follows. I

The following figures are shovvn on pages 4 and 5: -


of Each Component

Remote c,ontrol (buttons)

fhey will help you find the bultons and understand the symbols displayed. a

ln the manual, you will find a *ries of step-by-step procedurcs for each function available.

The illustrations in the step-by-step procedur*




use four different symbols:

> R'SH,.



Insertingthe RemoteControlBatteries

You must insert or replace the remote contrcl balteries when : ) You purchase the air conditioner , The remote contrcl does not work correctly

t Do not use old batteriesor differentkindsof batteriestogether, a Batteriesmay be mmpletelydischargedafter 12 months,even if they have not been used.

1 Pushthebattery coverontherearof theremote controlwithyourthumb in thedirection of theanowandremoveit. 2

Insert the two batteries,taking care to respec'tthe polarities a + on the batterywith + on the remotecontrol. a - on the battervwith - on the remotecontrol.


Close the cover by sliding it back until it clicks into place.

GoolingYour Room

You must selec.t the Cool mode ff you wish to lower the temperature in your room, You can also set the Fan speed. RemoteContol


Contlol Panel




Pressthe Q (On/Off)button. Result: a The air conditionerstiartsup in the Cool mode. a The unit beepstwice.



The air conditioneris fittedwith a protectionmechanismto prevent the unitfrom beingdamagedwhen it is startedimmediatelyafter being: a Pluggedin a Stopped It will beginto coolafterthreeminutes

lf the temperatureis not displayedon the controlpanel: a Pressthe G;D buttonon the remotecontrol or O Pressthe lEl buttonon the unit one or moretimesuntil-: is displayed Result: a The unit beepseachtime you pressthe Cci"it / lEl a The air conditionerstartsuDin the Cool mode.



pressthe 4$or p To adiustthe temperature, buttonson the remote controlor unit one or moretimesuntilthe desiredtemperatureis displayed. The temoeraturecan be set between64'F and 86"F Result: a Eachtime you pressthe TT-lor fE) buttons: - The temperatureis adjustedby 1'F and displayedon the controloanel - The unit beeps a lf the roomtemperatureis higherthanthe selectedtemperature, the air conditionerstartscooling. a lf the roomtemperaturereachesthe set temperature, the air conditionerstopscooling,but the fan still operates.


To set the fan sDeed: a Pressthe @,@ [email protected] buttonon the remotecontrolas desired. or a Pressthe l;-l buttonon the unit one or moretimesuntilthe desiredFanspeed(F1, F2 or F3)is displayed.


To controlthe directionofthe airflow, referto page 11

T7-r T?mP

f v -l

/r\ v


Airing Your Room

lf you want to provide air circulation without cooling, you can use the Fan mode, 1

lf necessary,pressthe 1) lonlofq button. Result: a The air conditionerstartsup in the Cool mode. a The unit beeDstwice.


lf the fan speed(Fl, F2 or F3) is not displayedon the controlpanel: I Pressthe Cra-) buttonon the remotecontol AI O Pressthe f=l buttonon he unitone or moretimesuntilthe fan speed (F1,F2 or F3)is displayed. Result a The unitbeepseachtimeyou pressthe 6.) / fF) button. a Theairconditioner startsup in Fanmode. is in the Fanmode,thetemperature Whenthe airconditioner cannotbe setor displayed.


To set the fan speed: a Pressthe afiii), @ or<@ buttonon the remotecontrolas desired. AI a Pressthe Fill lutt66 on the unit one or moretimesuntilthe desiredfan speed(Fl,F2 or F3) is displayed.


To controlthe directionof the air flow,referto page 11.

Benote CoffiiDl




If the atmospherc in your room is very humid or damp. you oan rcmove exess humidity without lowertng the rcom ternperature too much'


Conrol Panel


lf necessary,pressthe 1) (On/Off)button. startsup in the Cool mode' Result: I The air conditioner o The unit beePs. (-


preThe air conditioneris fitted with a protectionmechanismto vent the unlr rrom Deingdamagedwhen it is startedimmediately afterbeing: t Pluggedin a StoPPed It will beginto cool after three minutes'

lf the lemperatureis not displayedon the controlpanel: I Press the CE) button on the remotecontrol AI o pressthe GFI buttonon the unit one or moretimesuntil 3 is displayed (D I GFI uutton' Resuli: a The unit beepseachtime you pressthe <)The air conditionerstartsup in the Cool mode


buttonsone or To adjust the temperature,press the f-f-lorE) moreiimes until the requiredtemperatureis displayed' The temoeraturecan be set between64"F and 86'F' Result: O Each time you pressthe m-lor f-?-lbuttons: - The temperatureis adjustedby 1"F - The unit beeps I The air conditionerstarts removingthe€xcess humidity; ths qualityof air is adjustedautomatically'


To controlthe directionof the air flow refer to page 11

Adjustingthe Air Flow DirectionHorizontally

Depending on the position of the unit in your room, you can adiust the orientation of the inner air flow blades on the unit. Adjustthe innerairflowbladesto thedesiredpositionby slidingthemsideto side.

Adjustingthe Air Flow DirectionVertically

The outer ah flow blades can be adjusted to control the vertical air flow direction,

'ffi";-. "' *'REcoMMENDAnoN


mf""t t" ur;e;;;;;;-:


Adjustthe outerair flow bladesto the desiredposition,by pushingthem upwardsor downwards-

operatesin Cool modefor longperiodsof time,dew may: - Formon the surfaceof the blades - Driofrom the blades


Settingthe On Timer

The On Timeren*l* you b swi'f/r on the afuanditioner automaticallyafter a giventime. You can selectthe On tim* onlywhent{p air onditioner is off. Remotefn6ol

f,orrol Panel

hasbeenswitchedofi; if necessary Checkthatthe air conditioner pressthe O (on/off) button.

[email protected]

Sel the desiredamountof time in hoursbeforethe unilwill comeon by pressingthe (Ffft 5utt6n6^ the remotecontrolor lT;;l button on the unitoneor moretimes.Thecountdowntimecanbe set between1 and 24 hours. Result a Eachtime you pressthe fi;;l button: - The time is adjustedby t hourand displayedon the conbol Danel - Theunitbeeps to a Thecountdowntime is displayedand decreasesautomatically time. indicatehe remaining a The air condilionerstartsup in the Cml or Dry modeautomatF callywhenhe countdowntimereacheszero. >> You can selectthe fan speed,temperatureand EnergySaving mode after settingthe On timer mode. You also can change the Cool or Dry mode withoutcancellingthe On timer mode.



' 1i-

Tocancelthetimer,press: a Timeron the remotecontrolor unitoneor moretimesuntil"--"is displayed. ST a The O (On/Off)buttonon the remotecontrolor unit (TheAir Conditioner retumsto the previouslyselectedoperationmode.)

Settingthe Off Timer

TheOfl Timer enabl* you to switdr off the air conditionerautomaticallyafter a given tim6, Youcan selectthe Off timer only when the air @nditioneris on. 1

hasbeenswitchedon; if necessary, Checkthattheair conditioner pressthe $ (on/off)button.

Set the desiredamounl of lime beforethe unit will turn off by pressing ths ffiA buttonon the remotecontrolor tifi;l buttonon the unit one or Thecountdowntimecanbe moretimesuntilthe desiredtimeis displayed. set between1 and24 hours. Result: a Eachtimeyou pressthe @) button: on themntrol - Thetimeis adjustedby t houranddisplayed oanel - Theunitbeeos automatically anddecreases a Thecountdowntimeis displayed tjme. to indic€tethe remaining whenthe i Theairmnditionerswitchesoffautomatically countdowntimereacheszero. whenyou cnange aftersettingtheOfftimermode.However, to the fan sDeedmode.theOff timermodeis canceled.

the Off Timer i*h '€:t Cancel Tocancelthetimer,press: i} Timeron the remotecontrolor unjtoneor moretimesuntil"--' is displayed AI t The (l) (On/Off)buttonon the remotecontrolor unit.

SelectingSleep Mode

The Sleepmode can be used when you are aoling your room to switch l:lp air onditioner off automatically after 8 houts.

re lemoteCo||trol

> The Eleep function can he set whether the air conditioner is




button on the remotecontrol Pressthe @ or pressthe fG-l 6uttonon the unit. o Eachtime you pressa button,the unit beeps. o The rD indicator and" B'will be displayed. a The remainingtime is decreasedand displayedin t hour segments. o lf Sleepis selectedafterswitchingon the unit,the air conditioner will run in Coolmode.Duringthis period,the temperature displayedis the one you set for the Cool mode.lf Sleepis selectedbeforeswltchingon the unit,the air conditionerstarts runs in Coolmodeand the temperalurais set to 79'F. o The fan runsin low mode(F1),and you can adjustthe sPeed.


GanceltheSleepMode lf you no longerwishto cand it at anytime.

usethe Sieep modethat you have set, You can

1 Pressthe remotecontrol @ uutton on the or presstne @ nuttonon the unit to switchofi the air conditioner.. 2 To cancelthe selectedSleepmode,you can alsopressthe (@, @,


or @)



AI pressthe l-i;;|, lts*-I, l#lorlffi]

buttonon the unit.

Rssult: aThe unitbeeps. a TheD indicatoris no longerdisplayed. a The air conditioneroperatesin the lastselectedmode. lf you selectthe EnergySavingmodein the Sleepmode,the Sleep modewill be cancelledandthe air conditionerwill startup in the EnergySavingmode.

SelectingEnergySavingMode wish to save energy when using Your air conditioneL select the energy saving mode. 1

To selectthe energysavingmode,pressthe @ buttonon the remote controlor G=;l buttonon the unit one or moretimesuntilthe Energy lightsup. Saverindicator Result: a The fan and compressorcycleon and off together. a Thefan will continueto run for a shorttime afterthe compressorcyclesoff. ![6 G;;? button.You cannotuse the Dry modein the energysaving mode.


To stop the energysavingmode,pressthe @ button on the unit again. controlor GS":*iI

buftonon the remote

cycleson andoff. Result: Thefan runsat all times,whilethe compressor willstartup in the andthe air mnditioner Savingwillbe cancelled SleepTimermode.

. :


..'. ':


.-....,..-,....,,:....- ,, Remotecolt!'ol

, ,,

co!!d q"ry!

ffiW , .,, .. , .,,:,:,,1. ,, , ., . I , ,:, .,,:

ffip"t"[email protected]

humidity opqation range' air conditioner's temperature and The following table indicates the



tndoorrempililJ* 70'F to 90'F aPProx

is used at"' "i, "onJitioner HighertemPeratures


Lowertemperatures levets HigherhumiditY



70'F to 110'F aPProx'

80% or less


andtheair betriggered


conditionerwill stoP'

mayhappenif the


heat exchangerf reezes'"y


of theunit anddripfromthesurface

if it is usedfor long Penoos'

CleaningYourAir Conditioner

Be surc to clean the air filter [email protected] to keep the air nnditioner operating at optimum level. (-

When cleaning the air conditioner, turn it off and pull out the power plug,


Openthe frontgrilleby pullingthe tabs on both sidesofthe frontgrille Then lift it up slightlyto open the frontgrillecompletely.


Gr abthetabson theair filter andpull itupand oul


Removeallduston the air filterwitha vacuumcleaneror brush


When you have finished, insert the air filter back into its original position,


Wipethe surfaceof the unit with a neutraldetergentand then wipe it again with a dry cloth.(Be sure not to use benzene,solventor otherchemical products.)

lf you,..


Willnotbe usingthe air conditioner for a longperiodof time

O Switchthe fan on for a few hoursto thoroughlydrythe insideof theair conditioner. if Switchthe airconditioner offand unplugit fromthewallsocket. I Cleanthefilterandoutersurfaces.

Havenotusedthe air conditioner for a long periodof time

Switchthe fan on for a few hoursto thoroughlydrythe insideof the air conditioner.

I Solving CommonProblems

Before contacting a Samsung authorized service center, pefiorm the following simple che*s. They may save you the time and expense of an unn*essary call. Problem

Explanation / Solution

The air condilioner does not operate at all

a Check that the circuit breaker used for the air conditioner has not been triggered. O Check that the power cable is plugged into a wall socket and the socket is switched on, if necessary il Check that the temperature indicator on the unit is lit; if necessary, press the O (On/Off) button on the remote control or unit.

The air conditioner does not operate with the remote control

a Check that there are no obstacles between you and the unit. a Replace the remote control batteries if necessary a Check that you are close enough to the unit (seven meteryyards or less)

No beepis heardwhenyou presstheC) (On/Ofi)button on the remotecontrol

it Checkthatyou are pointingthe remotecontrolat the remotecontrolsensor on the unit. it Reolacethe remotecontrolbatteriesif necessarv.

doesnot Theair conditioner cool

a a a ,'

Checkthatthe conectoperatingmodehasbeenselected(Cool). The roomtemperaturemay b€ too low. Dustmaybe blockingthe airfilter;referto page17 for cleaninginstructions. Checkthatthereis no obstacleblockingthe airflowintoor outof the unit.

conectly;referto pages12-14. Thetimeris notcorectlytrig- a Checkthatthe timerhasbeenprogrammed

Odorsare permeating the a Ventilate the room, roomduringair conditioning



Techn ical Specifications

are subjectto changewithout notice Designand specifications PowerSupply AWO69CB AWOSgCB AW lOgCB AW129CB AW149CB



60Hz 230-208V-.


roonlair conditioner Window-Type

a This bdef procedureguide was preparedto.supplementth6 user manualin helpingto corectly install your room air conditioner. a You should considerseekinga pofessional installationspecialistif you are unsurc of installing the air conditionerafter readingthis supplement. a The weight and size of the unit may make it too difficult for you to install by yourcelf. !} lf you feel you can installthe air conditioner,this guide will assistyou towardsa safe installation. However, pleaae note: W3 arc not rcspomlble for any accldent caused as a rcsult of youl attempt to lnstall the alr conditioner on your own. O The illustrations showq in thls gulde may not exactly match your air condltloner.

,) This air conditionershould be installedin a window. To ensure product quality and safety, do not installthe air conditionerin a wall.


h rrtrucsrnRTED Preparationfor Installation l) Always have an assistantto help you. Never attemptto install any air conditioneralone. l) You risk the possibilityof hurtingyourselfor injuringothers by attemptingto installit alone.

CheckpointsPrior to Installation 1 Carefullyremovethe unit from the packingcase, lay it on the floor and check that all accessories(as indicated)are enclosed. 2 Check the cabinetand front grilleof the unit for any defectssuch as scratches. 3 Be sure to check the power supply. a Refer to the soecificationson the label attachedto the unit.

lnstallationConditions 1

ElectricalRequirements For personalsafety: a This appliancemust be properlygrounded. i| Do not, under any circumstances,cut or removethe third grounding prongfrom the power cord. a We recommendthat you do not use an extensioncord or an adapterplugwith this appliance. a Do not changethe plug on the powercordof this appliance. O Follownationalelectricalcodesor localcodesand ordinances. 115V 230-208V 230-20AV . 'l5AMPcircuit 20Al\,lPcircuit 15AMPcircuit 30AMPcircuit "O-'IOUU "parallel" type




"tandem" type

"tandem" type







a lf theelectricsupplyprovideddoesnotmeettheabove specifications, calla licensed electrician. a Aluminumhousewiringmayposespecialproblems mnsulta qualified electrician. i' Thisunitrequiresa separateorcurt,servingonlythisappliance.

WindowType Requirements o A standard double-hung window with an actual opening width of "X." The installationwill need to be modified for windows other than the standarddouble hung type. t Clear a verticalopeningof 'Y" minimum,from bottomof sash to sill. o lnstallthe air conditionerin a window where there will be enough clearancearound the cabinetto allow ample circulationof air throughthe unit. . All supporting parts should be secured to firm wood, masonry, or metal.


width lllodels



61.7mto 91.gcm (24a1o'b 36 v5')



63dn b 92m (24 7tltJ'lo 36 ns")



34.ocm (13 aB')

38.ocn (14aa\

66.2cmto 100m (26" b 39 !2")

41.0m (161EJ


72,2m b 100on (2825'to 39 zs")

44.2cm (17s)


76.2cmto 104cm (30" tic41)

46.7m (A25"\


lJ:91"f999 . PhiliDshead screwdriver . Ruler or taoe measure . Adjustablewrench . Pencil . Scissors


lnstallation Al,lr069CB/AW06EC87

The illustationsslrorvnin this sectionmay not exactlymatchyourair conditioner

4Em The following [email protected] may be not supplled depending on the model.

Type C(Aty-2)


Type A(Qty.6)




TopSupport 6nannet Ro:

Top support channelsealstrip




Adhesive seal strip

gasket Window


fillsr panel


1 Removethe backingfromthetopsupportchannelsealstripand attachit to the bottomof the top supportchannel.

LTop supportchannel sealstip


Topsuppo.l cnannet

2 Installthe top supportchannelwith four Type B screwsprovided

Thescrewholesareof largergaugeon the channelandsmalleron the Thehighsideofthe is "L"shaped. Thetopsupport channel cabinet. channelmustalwaysfaceinwards.

3 Assemblethe windowbracketson the cabinet. 3-1 Loosenthe lowerscrewslightlyon each side of the cabinetand install the Type G window bracket. 3-2'l'ightenthe screwssecuringthe brackets.

4 Attachthe windowfillerpanelsto the unit. 4-1 Slidethe windowfillerpanelsand theirframesinto the channelson the top and bottom of the cabinet. 4-2 Assemblethe windowiiller panelsto the cabinetusingsix Type B screws.


Instalation(cont.) rypO awoogcB/AW06EcB7

5 Attach the seal striDto the window. 5-1 Cut the adhesive-backed foam seal stripgasketto the windowwidth. 5-2 Removethe backingfrom the adhesiveseal stripand attachthe stripto the undersideof the bottomwindow.

6 Installthe unit in the window. 6-1 Placethe air conditionercabinetinto the windowwith the top supportchannelpositionedjust in frontof the bottomsash. 6-2 Centerthe cabinet,side to side in the windowthen pull the window just behindthe mounting down untilit restson ihe air conditioner, channelfrontflangeon top of the cabinel 6€ Make sure the cabinet maintains a slightly downward slant to the outside. A 1/4" slant cabinet from front to rear is desirable to help prevent water from entering the room,

7 Extendthe windowfillerDanels. 7-1 Securethe windowbracketsto the ledgeusingtheTypeA screw at eachside. 7-2 Extendthe windowfillerpanelsinto the windowsash tracks on both sides.Whenthe windowis pulleddown,the windowshould rest on the unitjust behindthe windowfillerpanelframes. 7-3 Slidethe windowfillerpanelsoutwarduntilthey touchthe sides of the window Securethe panelsby puftingfour Type A screws throughthe mountingholesin the panelsand drivingthem into the window ledgeand sash.


I Ec87|nstaIIation(cont') EI ry p 0 o*ougcB/AW06

8 lnstallthe windowgasket. the Cut the foam windowgasketto the windowwidth and stuff it behryeen windowand the glassto preventair and insects{rom gettingintothe room

9 Check for air leaks and seal.

Turnthe air 10 Plugin the powercordconnectedto the air conditioner' on andoperaieit in Coolmode. conditioner Checkto makesurethereare no unusualvibrations. lf the unitdoesnot.pleasereturnit to the dealer.



o*our"B/Aw06EcB7 Instalation(cont.)

Removal of the Front Grille tf you nd

to rcmovethefront gdllefor [email protected], foilowthe ste'6 below.

1 Openthefaontgrilleby pullingthetabson bothsidesof thegrille. Thenlifi it up slighflyto openthe frontgrillecompletely.

2 Remove the screw that holds the grille in place.

if necessarv.

the frontgrille. 3 Disassemble 3-1 Pressbothsidesof the cabinetin the directionof the anow as shown in the figure. 3-2 Pullthe lowerpartof the frontgrilleslightlyfoMard.

than7.6cm(3"). Doingso may cause damageto the grille'stwo top tabs. 3-3 Graspthe grilleat both sides nearthe bottomand carefullylift it straight up to disengagethe grille'stwo top tabs from slots nearthe top of the cabinet. 4 Re-installthe frontgrille. 4-1 Fix the upperfront grille. 4-2 Slideone side of the lowerpart of the front grilleslightlybackward 4-3 Slidethe otherside backward. 44 Re-install the screwand the air filter.



0ECB7IAW12ECB7 29CB/AW08ECB7/AW1 AW089CB/AWI 09CB/AW1 Installation

shownin thissectionmaynotexacuymatchyourairconditioner Theillustrations

The following [email protected]$ories

may be not supplied depending on the model

Type B(Qty-18 or 19)

Typ€ A(Oty-B )

.qns0 TopSuppdt ChannelT-\


Topsupport\ channelsealstrip

| = nz l






6t Ui

t i

4" <;i'

Security bracket

t-t I

Window sash seal



gasket Window

f f i3 Bottomgasket


on the model.lf necessaureferto your 1 Opentheftontgrilledepending owner'sinstruclions.


J_ --"'1aa-i

Type D(aty-2)




Type C(Oty-2)



2 Remove the screw located at the lower section of the front grille. It is secured in the <--,".""--rsection depending on the model.


,@g l i S€Rl/ i

3 Removethefrontpanel. of theanowas shown 3-1Pressbothsidesof thecabinetin the direction in thefgure. 3-2Pullthe lowerpartof thefrontpanelslightlyforward. (nomorethan7.6cm/3inches) 3-3Liftthefrontpanelupward. a connector of thefrontpanel. 34 Disconnect



[email protected] removethefrontpanelmaycause - Applyingexcessive damageto the tab; be sure notlo use excesive force-


4 Removetwo or fourscrewson the lowerrightand left sidesof the unit.



f il



I II lrrna , . I I P tr yj_r:c B/AW 10ec B/AW 12ec B/AWo I EcBztAwroEcB7.1Awr 2EcBT lll :' ' ' In s ta l l a ti o n (cont.) ':


5 Carefully removethe chassisfromthecabinetby pullingit forward. (Alittiecarefulleverage witha screwdriver mayhelpto slidethe unitout.) > Nowwouldbe an goodtimeto inspectthe fan for damage causedby shipment.Rohtethefan bladewithyourhands. . lt shouldrevolvefreelywithoutanyscratching or unusualnoise. lf sucha noiseexists,packthe unitup andretumit to yourdealer. Theunitmayhavebeenmisaligned dueto shippingabuse.

The empty cabinet without the chassr's,3 now reratively light. ff you have common Double Hung Windows, procd to inshll the top support channel on.the cabinet 6 Removethe backingfromthetop supportchannelsealstripand attachit to the boftomof thetopsupportchannel.

seal strip

7 Installthetop supportchannelwithfour or five TypeB screwsprovided. > Makesureto screwfromthetopof thecabinetontothechannel. > Thetopsupportchannelis "L"shaped.Thehighsideof thechannelmusl alwaysfaceinwards.

8 Attachlhe windowfillerpanelsto the cabinet. 8l Slidethewindowfillerpanelsandtheirframesintothe channels on the toDandboftomof the cabinet 8-2Attachthewindowfller panelsto thecabinetusingsix TypeB screws.



AW089CB/AW1 o9CB/AW1 29CB/AW08ECB7/AW1 0ECB7IAW12ECB7 Installation

Now position the cabinet centnlly into the window. Make sure you have about a five degreedownward slant to the outside for proper drainage of condensation. 9 Attachthe supportbracketsto the cabinetin order to adjustthe pitch. 91 Selectthe Type D support bracket positionthatwill placethe bracket nearhe outermost oointon thewindowsill.ln mostcabinetsthiswill be the first set of holes.Usingeight Typs B screws, attachthe supportbrackebto eachsideof the cabinetbottom. $2

Threadthe Type C bolts intottre supportbrackeb,makingsurethe cabinetmaintains a slightlydownward slantto theoutside.

> Somewindowsdo nothavea suffcientoEde windowledgein suchcasesthe brackelsserveno usefulpurpose.


TypeC Bolts


10 Attachthewindowsashsealto thewindow. 1Gl Cutthewindowsashsealto thewindowwidth. 10-2 Removethe backingfromthe windorysashsealand attachit to the undersideof the boftomof the window.



AW089CB/AW109CB/AW129CB/AW08ECB7/AW1 oECB7|N!{12f:ciB7 :: : l n s ta ffa ti o n (cont.) ', '"

11 Installthecabinetin thewindow. 11'1Placethe cabinetintothewindowwiththetopsupportchannel positionedjust in frontof the bottomsash. 11-2Pullthewindowdownuntilit restson thecabinet, just behindthetop supportchannel. 11-3Locatethreescrewholesalongthe cabinetbottomfrontedge. Centerthecabinet,sideto side,in thewindowandmountil to tne windowstoolusingthree TypeA screws. -

Forsafety,alwaysmakesurethebottomchannelrestssecurelyon theinside font edgeof thewindowlf yourwindowsilldimensions aresuchthatthisis you mayneedto drillthreeadditional notpossible, holesequallyspacedon the bottomchannelto properlysecurethecablnet.

to install5cm(2")widestripsof - Forsomewindows,it maybe necessary hardwoodpositioned alongthewidthof thewindowto obtainthe proper alignment andpitch.Thewoodenstripmustbe screweddownsecurely beforerestingthe cabineton topof it. Neglectingto ensuresuch security may risk havingthe air conditionerfall out ot the windowand hurting someone.

12Extendthewindowfillerpanels. 12-1Whenthewindowis pulleddown,thewindowshouldreston the cabinetjustbehindthewindowfillerpanelframes. 12-2Slidethefillerpanelsoutwarduntiltheytouchthesidesof thewindow. Securethe panelsby puttingfour TypeA screwsthroughthe mounting holesin the panelsanddnvingthemintothewindowstool andsash.

TypeA Screws

13Attachthe securitybracketwitha TypeA screw


I E ry p e *gl*:liglll.

2Ec87 12sc B/Aw's EcB7lAw1 oEcB7lAw1 ",^*

14Slidethe chassisintothe cablnet. slidetheairconditioner 14-1Carefully backintothecabinet. 14-2Placethe bottomgasketbetweenthebottomofthe chassisandthe insidebottomof the cabinet.Folduo the endson bothsidesof the bottomgasketandpushthemin. 14-3Reinstallthe chassis-to-cabinet retainingscrewsremovedon page11.


Wndorv gasket

15 Installthewindowgasket. Cutthe windowgasketto the windowwidthand stufi it betweenthe window andtheglassto preventairandinsectsfromgettingintothe room.

the panelandgrille. 16 Reinstall 16-1Fixthe upperfrontpanel. 1G2Slideonesideof the lowerpartof thefont panelslightlybackward. 1&3 Slidethe othersidebaclward. 'i6.4 Reinstall theftontgrilleto the cabinetafterreplacing thescrew removedin step2.

17 Checkficrair leaksandseal. > Someinstallations mayrequkeadditjonal sealingaroundthe windowandair conditioner.

18 Plug in the power,tum the air conditioneron and operateit in Cool mode and checkfor unusualvibrations. > Afferseveralminutesthe unitwill be blorringout coldair. lf the unit does not.pleaserefumit to thedealer.

bto o s

AW149cB/AW1 89cB/AwlsEcB7IAWI SEcB?/Awzsecei Installation

Theilluslrations shownin lhissectionmaynotexactlymatchyowak @nditioner.

fhe following



may be not supplied


@@ TopSupport ChannelN-


ropsuppon channelsealstrip


on the


Type C(Oty-2)




Window ssh seal

Type D(Oty-2)

Srcuritybracket a

l vl I

1 Openthefrontgrille.lf necessaryreferto yourowner'sinstructions.

'w #/





2 Remove the screw located at the lower section of the front grille. It is secured in the <:l:> section depending on the model,

3 Removethefrontpanel. 3-1 Pressbothsidesof thecabinetin thedirection of thearrowas shown in thefigure. 3-2 Pullthe lowerpartof thefrontpanelslightlyforward. (nomorethan7.6cn/3inches) 3-3LiftthefrontoaneluDward. 3-4Disconnect a connector of the frontpanel. > Applyingexcessiveforceto removethe frontpanelmaycause damageto thetab;be surenotto useexcessive force.

4 Removefourscrewson the lowerrightandleftsidesof the unit.

' T-


AW14gCB/A'rrl89CB/AW1 5EGB7/AW1 8ECB7/AW25ECB7 Installation(cont.)

5 Carefullyremovethe chassisfiom the cabinetby pullingit foMard to[,ardsyou. (A litte carefulleveragewith a screwdrivermay helpto slide he unitout.) > Nowwouldbe a goodtime to inspectthe fan for damage causedby shipment.Rotate thefun bladewithyourhands. . lt shouldrevolvefreelywithoutanyscratching or unusualnoise. lf sucha noiseexists,packthe unitup andrelumit to yourdealer. Theunitmayhavebeenmisaligned dueto shippingabuse.

Theemptycabinetwithoutthechassisrlsnowretativelylight lf you havecommonDoubleHungWndows,Wceed to insfa,llthe top supportchannelon the cabinet


6 Removethe backingfiom the top supportchannelsealsfip and attachit to the bottomof the top supportchannel.

LTop supportchannel


7 Installthe top supportchannelwithfive Type B soews provided. > Makesureto screwfom the top of the cabinetontothe channel. > Thetopsupportchannelis "L"shaped.Thehighsideof thechannelmusl alwavsfuce inwards.

I Attachthe windowfilleroanelsto the cabinet. filleroanelsandtheirframesintothechannels &1 Slidethewindoirr on he top and bottomof the cabinet 8-2Attachthewindowfillerpanelsto thecabinetusingelghtTypeB screws.



f- I r

f X Trrna I y U tr AWI4gcB/AWl 89cB/AwlsEcB7lAwlBEcBztAW2sEc lI Bi 1,,, r 'r


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Now position the cabinet centrally into the window. Make sure you have about a five downward slant towards the outside backwards for proper drainage of condensation. 9 Attachthesupportbracketsto thecabinetfor adjusting the pitch. 9-1 SelecttheTypeD supportbracketpositionthatwillplacethe bracket pointon thewindowsill.ln mostcabinetsthiswill neartheoutermost be thefirstsetof holes.UsingeightTypeB screws,attachlhe supportbrackets to eachsideof thecabinetbottom. 9-2 ThreadtheTypeC bolts intothesupportbrackets, makingsurethe cabinetmainlains a slightlydownward slantto the outside. >- Somewindowsdo nothavesufficient windowledgeon theoutsideedgeof thewindow,in suchcasesthe brackelsserveno usefulpumose.

10 Attach the window sash seal to the window.


10-1 Cut the window sash seal to the window width. 10-2 Remove the backing from the window sash seal and attach it to the underide of the bottom of the window.




E l-

Ec87 I EcB7lAw25 B7lAwl sEc li| rype fiHffi :'igliecB/Awl 1l lnstallthecabinetin thewindow. 11-1Placethecabinetintothewindowwithhe top supportchannel positionedjust in frontof the bottomsash. justbehindthetop 11-2Pullthewindowdownuntilit restson thecabinet, supportchannel. 11-3Locatefive screwholesalongthe cabinetbottomfrontedge. Centerthe cabinet,sideto side,in the windoryand mountit to the windowstoolusingfive TypeA screlvs. > Forsafety,alwaysmakesurethebottomchannelrestssecurely on theinside aresuchthatthisis font edgeofthe windowlf yourwindowsilldimensions not possible,pu may needtc drillthreeadditionalholesequallyspacedon the bottomchannelto properlysecurethe cabinet. > For somewindo ts, it may be necessaryto installftm(2") wide stripsof hardwoodpositionedalongthe widthof the windowto obtainthe proper alignmentand pitcfr.Thewoodenstripmustbe securelyscreweddown beforerestingthe cabineton top of it. Neglec'tingto ensur€ such security may risk havingthe air conditionorfall out of the windowand hurting someone.

12 Extendthewindowfillerpanels. 12-1Whenttrewindowis pulleddown,thewindowshouldreston the cabinetlust behindthe windo\wfillerpanelframes. 12-2Slidethefillerpanelsoutwarduntiltheytouchthe sidesof thewindow Securethe panelsby pufiingfour TypeA screws throughthe stml mountingholesin the panelsand drivingthemintothe windor,v andsash. TypeA Screws

13Attachthe secuntybracketwith a TypeA screw




]l +


g sEcB7/AWi sEcezAw2secBT ryp flHffi :trHiecB/Awl

14 Slidethechassisintothecabinet. 14-1Carefully slidetheairconditioner backintothecabinet. 14-2Placethe bottomgasketbetweenthe bottomofthe chassisandthe insidebottomof thecabinet.Folduo the endson bothsidesof thebottom gasketandpushthemin. 1+3 Reinstall 2 frontscrewson the sideof unitamonothe removedscrewsin page17.


15 Installthewindowgasket. Cutthewindowgasketto thewindowwidthandstufiit betweenthewindow andtheglassto preventairandinsectsfromgettingintothe room.


16 Reinstall the panelandgrille. '1G1Fixthe upperfrontpanel. 16-2Slideonesideof the lowerpartof thefrontpanelslighflybackward. 16-3Slidetheothersidebackward. thescrew 164 Reinstall thefrontgrilleto the cabinetafterreplacing removedin steD2.

17 Checkfor air leaksandseal. > Someinstallations sealingaroundthe mayrequireadditional windowandair conditioner.

18 Plug in the power,tum the air conditioneron, operateit in Cool mode and checkfor unusualvibrations> Afferseveralminutesthe unitwillbe blowingoutcoldair. lf the unitdoesnot,pleaseretumit to thedealer.

i,.,',...'.. . .. ,.

@,, -


SAMSUNGROOMAIR CONDITIONER ThjsSAMSUNGbrandproduct, as suppliedanddistributed by SAMSUNGELECTRONTCS AN/ERICA, tNC. (SAMSUNG)and deliveredneq in the originalcartonto the originalconsumerpurchaser,is wanantedby SAMSUNG againstmanufactunng defectsin materialsand workmanship for a limttedwarrantyperiodof:

Five (5)YearsPafts, Labor and CompressorWarranty purchased Thislimitedwanantybeginsontheoriginaldateof purchase, andis validonlyon products andusedin theUnited States.Wanantyrepairsmustbe performed by SAMSUNG'S authorized servicecenter.Toreceivewanantyservrce, theoriginal datedbillof salemustbe presented uponrequestas proofof purchase 1oSAI/4SUNG or SAMSUNG'S authorized servicecenter pats SAMSUNG willrepairor replaceanypartfoundto bedefective at nocharge,as strpulated herein,withnewor reconditioned duringthelimitedwanantyperiodspecified above.Torequestwanantyservice, the purchaser mustcontactSAMSUNG for problem determination andseruiceprocedures. SAMSUNG doesnotwanantunlnterrupted or enor-ftee operation of theproduct. partsandproducts All replaced partsand becometheproperty of SAMSUNG andmustbe retumedto SAMSUNG. Replacement products assumetheremaining original wananty, or ninety(90)days,whichever is longer. In - HomeService: Duringthewanantylaborperiod,in-home subjectto availability servicewillbe provided withinthecontiguous UnitedStates. In-home serviceis notavailable in allareas.lf duringin-homeservicerepaircannotbe completed, it maybe necessary to rsnove, repalrandretumtheproduct.lf in-homeserviceis unavailable, SAMSUNG mayelect,at ouroption,to providefortransportaton of ourchoiceto andfroma SAMSUNG authorized servicecenter.Otherwise. transDortation to andftomtheSAMSUNG authorized servicecenteris theresponsibility of thepurchaser Thislimitedwanantycoversmanufacturing defectsin materials andwokmanship enmuntered in normal,nonmmmercial useof thisproductandshallnotapplyto thefollowing, including, butnotlimitedto:delivery andinstallation; damagewhichoccusin shipment; applications andusesforwhichthisproduct failures or problems whicharecausedby products or wasnotintended; equipment notsupplied by SAMSUNG; accidents, misuse,abuse,neglect, misapplication, fire,water,lightning or otheractsof nature;inconect elecricallinevoltage, flucluations productateration or surges;damagecausedby improper or fuultyinstallation; or modificationt improper or unauthonzed repair;cosmetic failureto damageor exterior finish;productwithalteredserialnumbers; prescnbed followoperatrng andenvironmental instructions in the insfuctjonbook;customeradjustments, thatarecoveredand parts,supplies, routinemaintenance andcleaning; consumable itemssuchas filters;useof non-SAMSUNG or unauthorized product problems. accessories or equlpment whichdamagethis or resultin service THEREARE NO EXPRESSWARMNTIESOTHERTHANTHOSELISTEDAND DESCRIBED ABOVE,ANDNOWARMNTIES WHETHEREXPRESSOR IMPLIED,INCLUDING, BUTNOTLIMITEDTO,ANY IMPLIEDWARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILIFORA PARTICULAR TY OR FITNESS PURPOSE, WARRANryPERIODS SHALLAPPLYAFTERTHEEXPRESS STATED ABOVE,ANDNOOTHEREXPRESS WARRANTY ORGUAMNTYGIVENBYANYPERSON, FIRMORCORPOMTION WTH RESPECT TOTHISPRODUCT SHALLBE BINDING SAMSUNG SHALLNOTBE LIABLEFORLOSS ON SAMSUNG. OF REVENUE ORPROFITS, FAILURE TO REALIZE OROTHERBENEFITS, SAVINGS ORANYOTHERSPECIAL, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ORCONSEQUENTIAL CAUSEDBYTHEUSE,MISUSEOR INABILIryTO USETHISPRODUCI REGARDLESS OFTHE LEGALTHEORY ON WHICHTHECLAIMIS BASED,AND EVENIF SAI\,1SUNG HASBEENADVISED OFTHE POSSIBILITY OF SUCHDAMAGES.NORSHALLRECOVERY OFANYKINDAGAINSTSAMSUNGBE GREATERIN AMOUNTTHANTHEPURCHASE PRICEOFTHEPRODUCT SOLDBYSAMSUNG ANDCAUSING THEALLEGED FORLOSS,DAIV1AGE LIMITING THEFOREGOING, PURCHASERASSUMESALL RISKANDLIABILITY DAMAGE.WITHOUT OR INJURYTO PURCHASERAND PURCHASERS TO OTHERSAND THEIRPROPERryARBING OUTOF PROPERTYAND THEUSE,MISUSEOR INABILITY TO USETHISPRODUCT SOLDBYSAIVSUNG NOTCAUSEDDIRECTLY BYTHE NEGLIGENCE OF SAMSUNG.THISLIMITEDWARMNry SHALLNOTEXTENDTOANYONEOTHERTHANTHEORIGINAL PURCHASER IT IS NON-TRANSFEMBLEAND OFTHISPRODUCT. STATES YOUREXCLUSIVE REMEDY Somestatesdo notallowlimitations on howlongan impliedwanantylasts,or the exclusionor limitationof incidentalor consequential damages, so theabovelimitations or exclusions maynotapplyto you. Thiswarantygivesyouspecificlegalnghts, and you mayalsohaveotherrightslvhichvaryfom stateto state. Toobtainwarantyservice,pleasemntactSAI/SUNGat SAMSUNGELECTRONICS AMERICA.INC.. CONSUMER ELECTRONICS CUSTOMER SERVICE 105 ChallengerRoad RidgefieldPark, NJ 07660.0511 1{o0SAMSUNG (1€00-726-7864)

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