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Cmos camera

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CMOS Camera User manual Version 1



Thank you for your purchase of this products! This user manual has listed purchase of this product of CMOS camera performance and introductions. This product has equipped with latest CMOS sensor and delivers high quality video image.

Before using your new camera, please read this user manual carefully.

Version 1


A- PRECAUTIONS: ( 1) Do not aim the camera at strong light this may cause CMOS damage. ( 2) Do not touch CMOS with finger, if necessary, please clean the dust with soft cloth dipped with alcohol. ( 3) Power supply refer to specification. ( 4) The mounting of cameras should be firm, do not cause any damage to persons and other articles as they are dropping. ( 5) The cameras should never be placed near or over a radiator or heat register. ( 6) Please handle with care to avoid strong shock.


Version 1

B- FEATURES: This camera uses CMOS as image capture device, so it is very small and light, anti- shock. It is your best choice for CCTV system. ( 1)Resolution The horizontal resolution is 700TVL. Auto Electronic Shutter( AES) AES can modify the CMOS exposure time automatically. S table brightless and excellent exposured image will be captured no matter the outter light is strong or weak. ( 2)Back Light Compensation ( BLC) A new development digital illumination intensity control function makes use of DPS technology to solve the shadow problem by modifying iris and gain. Version 1


C-SYSTEM CONNECTION: (1)One monitor system with one camera: Video Monitor


DC12V Adapter (Not included)

(2)One Monitor system with two or more cameras: Video Monitor Camera




Version 1

D- OPERATION PROCEDURE: ⑴Make sure the power supply is right. ⑵Connect the Video output into monitor. Make sure the power supply is on, and then the image captured by camera should appear in the monitor. ⑶Do not aim the camera at eave or roof, this may cause reflex, and halo may appears in the image.

Version 1



Pixelplus PC 3089K

Effective Pixel Array

756( H) * 504( V)

Scanning System

1/ 3 inch NTSC/ PAL




0. 05Lux/ f1. 2

Video Output

1. 0Vp- p/ 75Ω



Electronic Shutter

1/ 50( 1/ 60)~ 1/ 100000sec

Lens Mount

C/ CS/ M12


2. 8mm/ 3. 6mm/ 6mm/ 8mm / 12mm/ 16mm

IR Distance

10- 100m


DC12V/ AC24V/ 220V±10%

Operating Temperature Operating Humidity


- 30 - - - +


85% Version 1

Troubleshooting If there are problems in operation, please refer to the items as below. If the problem persists, please contact the agent you purchased this product from. Problems


Please check the power connection Nothing appears on Please check the video signal line connection Please check and make sure that the auto lens the screen switch is set to DC(VIDEO)when using a VIDEO(DC)lens The video image is not clear

Please check if the lens is clean. Please clean the lens with a clean cloth or brush.Please adjust the contrast feature of the monitor . Please make sure the screen is not exposed directly to a bright light,please move the camera if necessary

The screen is dark

Please adjust the contrast feature of the monitor If you have an intermediate device,set the 75/Hi-z properly,and check the terminals. Please check if an auto iris lens is being used and adjust the brightness level.

There is a problem with the camera operation. The camera surface is too hot and black stripes appear on the screen

Please check if an appropriate power source to the camera complies with the manufacturer's standard requirement,or if the voltage keeps changing.

The screen is flickering Version 1

Please check if the camera is facing directly into sunlight or fluorescent light . Please check if an auto iris lens is being used Please check the connection of the lens connector cables.


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