Toshiba Satellite 4060XCDT Specifications

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Toshiba satellite 4060xcdt: specifications

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From the world market leader in mobile PCs: the Satellite 4060XCDT.

Satellite 4060XCDT • • • • •

333 MHz Pentium® II processor 4.32 billion byte hard disk Integrated diskette and 24-speed CD-ROM drive Built-in V.90 data and fax modem 14.1” TFT screen

From the world market leader in mobile PCs: the Satellite 4060XCDT.

Take it from Toshiba. If you’re making a start in mobile PC’s, want to go easy on your pocket without formance 333 MHz Intel Pentium® II processor, integrated diskette and 24-speed CD-ROM drive, a 14.1” TFT screen, built-in V.90 data and fax modem and the Toshiba Bass Enhanced loudspeaker system. All in a new, flat design that comes at a remarkably low price – and of course only from your nearest Toshiba dealer.

For a great view: the Satellite 4060XCDT has a huge 14.1” TFT colour screen.

Lots of expansion: with the new options – the Port Replicator and the Spacer, which offers connections to the Card Station III – you’re ready for anything.

For the best connections, anywhere: the standard built-in V.90 data and fax modem turns your notebook into a fax, telephone or answerphone.

For a flying start: the integrated diskette and CD-ROM drive means you are ready to go.


Graphics adapter

Sound system






Intel Pentium® II processor,

Trident Cyber 9525 SVGA,

Toshiba Bass Enhanced Sound

Removable lithium-ion battery,

333 MHz int./66 MHz ext.,

dual display mode, PCI Bus,

System, Sound Blaster Pro com-

3–3.5 hrs battery life

1.6 volt core using Voltage

BitBIT 64-bit graphics accelerator,

patible, MIDI & WAVE support,

Reduction Technology, 32 KB

3D acceleration,

3D Wide mode, FM & Wavetable

Size and Weight

cache on chip, PCI architecture

2.5 MB Video RAM

synthesis, built-in stereo speakers

309 x 259 x 41.4 mm,


Internal video mode


3.2 kg (7 lbs) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Standard 64 MB SDRAM,


1024 x 768 x 65,536 colours

expandable to 192 MB, 256 KB 2nd level cache Hard disk


4.32 billion byte capacity (4.0 GB) Diskette drive


3.5” 1.44 MB/720 KB,

External video modes

CD-ROM drive



DMI 2.0, APM 1.2, PnP 1.0,

Bundled software


Windows® 95 or Windows® 98


selectable installation, other


640 x 480 x 16.7 mill. colours


800 x 600 x 16.7 mill. colours

Infrared port (FIR), serial, paral-

upon request, Toshiba utilities

1024 x 768 x 65,536 colours

lel, PS/2 mouse / keyboard,

and drivers, all pre-installed

1280 x 1024 x 256 colours

line-in, RGB port, USB port,

on the hard disk

Up to 85 Hz refresh rate non

headphone, external microphone


Expansion Keyboard

Microsoft operating systems

Special features


simultaneous internal use with the CD-ROM drive




Toshiba Power Extensions,

2 x PC Card Type II or

Toshiba Hibernation utility,

86 keys with integrated

1 x PC Card Type III,

Hardware Setup, TSETUP,

MousePoint, 12 function keys,

CardBus, memory expansion

Password Security, Secure Sleep,


1 year International Warranty

24-speed (max), 12 cm (5.25”)

8 dedicated cursor keys, inlaid

and 8 cm (3.5”) disks,

numeric keypad, 8 Hot Keys,


Data transfer: 3,600 KB/sec,

2 Windows keys, Euro key

Integrated V.90 data & fax


modem (56 K data, 14.4 K fax)

Carrying case, extra battery

Average random access time:


130 ms

packs, battery charger, Power supply




32/64/128 MB memory modules,

Autosensing 100 – 240 V AC

Port Replicator, Card Station III

14.1” TFT colour screen

adaptor for world-wide usage

Spacer, Card Station III (via Spacer)

Internet: http: //

Dealer stamp


TEG February 1999 Art.-Nr. B2106E. The Intel Inside Logo and Pentium Logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation. Design and specifications may differ according to country and are subject to change without notice.

compromising on quality – then the Satellite 4060XCDT is the one for you. It offers a high per-

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