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Unlocking vi/ii input rev. 3

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QX7 APPLICATION GUIDELINE 1.2 Unlocking VI/II Input Rev. 3 Introduction This feature allows you to correct a glitch when the QX7 drive is not responding to VI/II input signal. This should be used on drives prior to Rev. 4. (See software revision document). Programming Keystroke

LED Display

Press Setup/program/monitor key


Press Setup/program/monitor key

Program Search

Down arrow 11 times Read/Write

Up arrow 6 times

Program Input Terminals F Terminal Forward (NO) S3 Terminal Set Speed 3 (NO)


S3 Terminal *Flashing* Set Speed 3 (NO)

Down arrow 14 times

S3 Terminal *Flashing* Unassigned (NO)


S3 Terminal Unassigned (NO)

Setup/Program/Monitor 3 times

Output Frequency 0.0Hz

Notes Re-check to assure all parameters are set properly.


For additional assistance, please contact Toshiba Adjustable Speed Drive Marketing Dept. at (800) 872-2192

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