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This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. v—Œ™ˆ›–•GšGšœ‰‘ŒŠ›G›–G›ŒG–““–ž•ŽG›ž–GŠ–•‹›–•šU XPG{šG‹ŒŠŒG”ˆ G•–›GŠˆœšŒGˆ™”œ“G•›Œ™Œ™Œ•ŠŒSGˆ•‹ YPG{šG‹ŒŠŒG”œš›GˆŠŠŒ—›Gˆ• G•›Œ™Œ™Œ•ŠŒG™ŒŠŒŒ‹SG•Š“œ‹•ŽG•›Œ™Œ™Œ•ŠŒG›ˆ›G”ˆ GŠˆœšŒGœ•‹Œš™Œ‹G–—Œ™ˆ›–•U

User Manual(English) ■ Summary of product. 1. GFT-5000 is connect to Mobile Ear-Jack and Multimedia devices(MP3,iPodTM,PMP,DMB,Car Navigator etc) audio terminal, transfer altered the audio signal to FM frequency as wireless. Through the FM Radio can enjoy mobile and Multimedia devices with abundant volume and quality. 2. GFT-5000 is capable to use as Hands-free with car audio while driving with built-in Microphone. ■ How to use 1. Plug GFT-5000 to Mobile phone Ear-Jack and Multimedia devices(MP3,iPodTM,PMP,DMB,Car Navigator etc)audio terminal with gender. 2. Agree frequency of car audio and frequency of GFT-5000 3. Play Mobile MP3, DMB and Multimedia devices (MP3,iPodTM,PMP,DMB,Car Navigator etc) 4. Control the volume.(You can enjoy best quality of volume when you control the car audio volume after volume down 1 or 2 levels from the mobile phone’s max volume) 5. If you are middle of using mobile phone and Multimedia devices (MP3,iPodTM,PMP,DMB,Car Navigator etc) and get a call, just

press send. It leads automatically hands-free.

6. With car audio system can enjoy Multimedia devices (MP3,iPodTM, PMP,DMB,Car Navigator etc)with wireless. ■ Specifications Operating Voltage : DC 12 ~ 24V Operating Current : 57mA(Max) Frequency Band

: 88.1 ~ 107.9MHz (STEP : 100KHz)

RF Output Level : under 250㎶/m Operating Temerature : -20℃ ~ 50℃(-4℉ ~ 122 ℉) Dimension : 111.6×36×36(mm) Weight : 45(g)

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