Tin Knocker TK 816 Instructions & Parts Diagrams

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Leaf brake

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TAAG MACHINERY CO. (Master Distributor)

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SAFETY RULES TK 816 LEAF BRAKE 1. Never use a machine or tool for anything other than its intended purpose. Use the proper tool and equipment for the task.

2. Do not operate the machine in excess of its rated capacity.

WARRANTY All new machines are sold with a one-year limited warranty, on factory defective parts. The warranty is limited to the original user. TAAG Machinery Co. at its option, will repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any part, tool or machine that fails during the warranty period. TAAG Machinery Co. will pay normal shipping charges for replacement parts. After 90 days from date of purchase, all express or overnight delivery charges are the responsibility of the customer. Purchaser must deliver to TAAG Machinery Co., at the address below, any written claim, with proof of original purchase. Replacement parts will be invoiced to purchaser and credit issued when the failed part is delivered to TAAG Machinery Co. Removal, reinstallation or replacement parts shall be at purchasers’ / user’s expense. Failure due to improper use of the machine voids the warranty. NOTE: 1. This machine has been tested and adjusted prior to shipment, but can and often does require readjustment due to vibration and bouncing during transport. Following the procedures described within can easily do readjustment. These are procedures with which you, as a user, should be familiar, as you will use them repeatedly over the life use of the machine. If you have difficulty in performing these procedures, we are here to support you. Call us at: (800) 640-0746. 2. Opening rolls (for Philipsburg Lock) are consumable items and not subject to warranty.

TAAG MACHINERY CO. (Master Distributor)

1257-B Activity Dr. Vista, CA 92081 Tel: (800) 640-0746 Fax: (760) 727-9948 Website: www.tinknocker.com * Email: [email protected]lobal.net

3 TK 816 Leaf Brake RECEIVING THE MACHINE Inspect before signing Bill of Lading. Upon receipt closely examine the Leaf Brake for damage during shipment. Any loss or damage should be noted in detail on the delivery receipt and reported to your distributor immediately. Free replacement from TK International is dependant upon the notation and the Bill of Lading on delivery slip. INSTALLING THE MACHINE Locate the Leaf Brake in a well-lighted area on a solid, level floor. The Leaf Brake must be securely bolted to the floor. Be sure you have adequate room to swing both handles and Bending Leaf. PRECAUTIONS DO NOT use the Leaf Brake to bend rods, nails or wires. This will cause damage to the edge of the top blade. DO NOT exceed the capacity of the Leaf Brake. OPERATING & ADJUSTMENT OF THE TK 816 Adjusting for Metal Thickness Clearance for bends is obtained by moving Top Leaf back at bending edge. If material is to be bent is within four gauges of capacity, move the Top Leaf back twice the thickness of the material. With lighter material, move Top Leaf proportionately forward if sharper bends are desired. 1. Unclamp Handles (H) slightly. 3. Loosen Top Adjustment Plate Bolt (N). Adjust Top Leaf with Top Adjustment Bolts (L). Tighten Locking Nuts and Top Adjustment Plate Bolt (N). Clamping pressure of the Links (K) is changed by adjusting the Nuts. (M) Duplicate Bends Adjustable Stop Gauge (O) may be positioned at any point on Rod (P) by means of Lock Bolt (Q) to limit the degree of bend. Counterbalance Counterweight (J) can be raised or lowered on Rod to properly counterbalance the Bending Leaf. Overbending Adjustment If sheet bends over further on one side than the other/ set the Top Leaf back on the end where sheet is overbending. 1. Unclamp Handles (H) slightly on side that is over bending. 2. Adjust Top Leaf with Top Adjustment Bolts (L). 3. Reclamp Handle (H).


Creeping Top Leaf Adjustments Should Top Leaf creep forward when clamping material: 1. Check that brake sets level on floor. 2. Check Top Adjustment Plate (M) and Top Adjustment Bolts and Lock Nuts (L) to eliminate any movement of step bracket (15). 3. If still creeping, wedge under rear of Leg (A) at end that creeps until stopped. Replace wedge with permanent block of correct height. Capacity: The bending capacity of the brake is determined by the bending edge thickness provided by the Bending Leaf Bars (U/V) when mounted on Leaf. 1. Insert Bar (U) with Angle Bar (V) allow the full rated 1" minimum flange on capacity material. 2. Insert Bar alone without Angle Bar reduces capacity of brake four gauges. 3. Removing both Insert Bar and Angle Bar reduces capacity of brake seven gauges. These Bars are removed only to make narrow offset bends. Narrow Offset Bends Remove Angle Bar (V) and Insert Bar (U) - use Bending Leaf only.

Cautions Bend short pieces of material in center of brake to equalize the strain. Never bend against seams unless Links (K) are adjusted to clamp the full multiple thickness of seam; and Top Leaf is set back for clearance of the same full multiple thickness. Always have both Angle Bar (V) and Insert Bar (U) mounted to Lead when making capacity bends. When forming sections of wide girth such as cornices, to equalize the buckles in the sheet: 1. Start bend near the center of sheet, or, 2. Make a kink in the opposite end of sheet from the bend first made. Sheets are not always perfectly flat and a buckle left in one end while the other is straightened by clamping in the brake will throw the first bend out of line when it, in turn, is straightened. Always use material with square-sheared edges - rolled-edges will cause material to bow. Never use brake to bend rods - these will nick Nose Bar. Always adjust for differences in the metal gauges. Never force-clamp the material. Lubrication Lubricate occasionally with SAE-30 oil.



Parts For 816 Leaf Brakes Fine No. 801 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 802 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 803 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

Part No. 816101 816102 816103 816134 816104 816105 816106 816107 816108 816109 816110 816111 816112 816113 816114 816115 816116 816117 816118 816119 816120 816121 816122 816123 816124 816125 816126 816127 816128 816129 816130 816131 816132 816133 816135 816136

Description 801 Holddown Assy. Top Blade Screw Toggle Assy. Nut Spring Cover Assy. Bolt Spring Cover Assy. Clamp Handle R.H. Clamp Handle L.H. Toggle Assy. R&L Toggle Assy. R&L C-Clip Bushing 802 Base Assy. Screw Locknut & Washer Step Bracket Comp. R.H. Step Bracket Comp. L.H. Pin Swivel Pin Assy. Rod Counterweight Support, Apron Assy. R.H. Support, Apron Assy. L.H. Gauge Stop Gauge Rod 803 Apron Assy. Plate, Fixing Screw, Fixing Insert Bar Angle Bar Flat Head Screw Screw Stand Screw Assy. Snap Ring Lifting Handle

No. REQ"D. 1 1 17 4 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 4 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 8 1 1 12 7 2 6 2 2

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