Toshiba Satellite 2210XCDS Specifications

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Toshiba satellite 2210xcds: specifications

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TOSHIBA Product Highlights: • Blazing Speed: Intel 500MHz Celeron processor • Blasting Multimedia: 13.0” DSTN (2210XCDS) or 12.1” active matrix TFT display (2210CDT), Toshiba Sound • All-in-one design: 24x CD-ROM, 6.0 billion byte hard disk drive and diskette drive. • 64MB SDRAM • Internet Access: Integrated V.90/K56Flex data/fax modem • Toshiba Active Menu: New web utility, provides one click access to software downloads and key product information on the Toshiba web site • Software: Toshiba Great Software Offer Processor Intel 500MHz Celeron processor Integrated co-processor 128KB on-die internal cache Data/Address Bus Width: 64-bit/32-bit 100MHz Front side bus Memory 64MB of SDRAM, 3.3V Internal memory expansion slot, up to 192MB total BIOS APM V1.2; ACPI V1.0b; PnP V1.0a; VESA V2.0; DPMS; DDC2B; DMI 2.0, SM BIOS V2.3, PCI BIOS V2.1 System Architecture PCI Bus V2.2 Hard Disk 6.0 billion byte Enhanced IDE, 2.5” Service removable 9.5 mm height 13ms average access time Supports Ultra DMA33Mode2 or Multiword DMA Mode2 or PIO Mode4 Diskette Drive Built-in 3.5”, 1.44MB CD-ROM Built-in 24x max. speed 130ms average access time 1545/3600 Kb/sec. maximum data transfer rate Compatibility: CD-ROM, CD-R (read only), CD-RW (read only) Video Trident Cyber 9525 Graphics Controller 64-bit Graphics Accelerator AGP bus with sidebands 64 BitBLT hardware 2.5MB internal video memory Display 13.0” diagonal on 2210XCDS (800 x 600) 12.1” diagonal on 2210CDT (800 x 600) Internal display supports up to 16M colors at 800 x 600 External Color Support 640 x 480: 60/75/85Hz Non-Interlaced @ 16M Colors 800 x 600: 60/75/85Hz Non-Interlaced @ 16M Colors 1024 x 768: 60/75/85Hz Non-Interlaced @ 64K Colors; 87Hz Interlaced @ 64K 1280 x 1024: 60Hz Non-Interlaced @ 256 Colors; 87Hz Interlaced @ 256 Colors Audio ESS1978S on PCI bus 3D sound support with HRTF 3D positional audio DVD-AC-3 speaker virtualization 16-bit stereo, .WAV and Sound Blaster® Pro compatible, MIDI playback 2 built-in stereo speakers Full duplex sound support Hardware acceleration for DirectMusic and DirectSound Microphone and Headphone ports Communications Integrated V.90/K56flex data/fax modem Keyboard Full sized 85 keys with 12 function keys

Satellite 2210XCDS/CDT This Information Subject To Change

2.7mm travel Dedicated Windows® keys Integrated AccuPoint® II pointing device with userprogrammable scroll buttons

Battery Pack (Accessory): PA2487URG Battery Charger: PA2488U Standard CarryAll (Black): NWCC38440

Expansion Type III PC Card, supports only one type II or type III PC Card; 32-bit CardBus ready 15-pin analog SVGA video port PS/2™ mouse/keyboard port (Y-connector supported) Universal Serial Bus port ECP parallel port High speed serial port (16550 UART equivalent) Microphone and Headphone jack RJ-11 telephone port Dimensions (LxWxH) 12.4” x 10.3” x 1.9” Weight 6.0 lbs. (2210CDT) 6.4 lbs. (2210XCDS) Power Supply 45W Autosensing External AC Adapter 100-240V input voltage 50-60Hz frequency 4.9”L x .9”H x 2.5”W, .7 lbs Battery Rechargeable, removable Lithium Ion battery (10.8V, 2600mAh) 2.0+ hours battery life 3 hours unit off; 4-10 hours unit on recharge time ACPI V1.0b support Battery life may vary depending on applications, power management settings and features utilized. Recharge time varies depending on usage.

System Management DMI 2.0 BIOS support SM BIOS V2.3 ACPI power management Year 2000 Compliance: NSTL Hardware Tested Security Power-on password (2-level password support) HDD access password Main system memory modem and internal HDD security (screws included) Cable lock slot Secure Sleep (Screen Blank) Keyboard Lock Operating Software Microsoft® Windows 98 Second Edition AT&T WorldNet Services Customizable Toshiba/My Yahoo! Start Page Microsoft Internet Explorer Norton® Anti-Virus™ RingCentral™ Satellite Series Online Documentation Toshiba Great Software Offer Toshiba Custom Utilities Toshiba Active Menu

Toshiba Great Software Offer Fulfillment: Receive your choice of up to two software titles. The software selection includes titles from the follow categories: Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition, mobile productivity, education and entertainment titles. Warranty 1 year parts, labor and battery Environmental Specifications Temperature: Operating: 5O to 35O C (41O to 95O F) Non-operating: -20O to 65O C (-4O to 149O F) Thermal gradient: 15O C per hour maximum (operating), 20O C per hour maximum (nonoperating) Relative Humidity: Operating: 20% to 80% non-condensing Non-operating: 10% to 95% non-condensing Altitude (relative to sea level): Operating: -60m to 3,000m (-197’ to 9,842’) Non-operating: -60m to 10,000m (-197’ to 32,808’) Shock: Operating: 10G (11ms) Non-operating: 60G (66ms) Vibration: Operating: 0.5G Non-operating: 1G Part Number / UPC Satellite 2210XCDS: PS221U-390J08 / 32017053946 Satellite 2210CDT: PS221U-490J08/ 32017053922 Accessories 32MB SDRAM upgrade module: KTT-SO100/32 64MB SDRAM upgrade module: KTT-SO100/64 128MB SDRAM upgrade module: KTT-SO100/128 Universal AC Adapter (standard): PA 2450U

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