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Essick m300: user guide

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Owner’s Manual Model #’s M300 M400

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P/N 71112 REV 11/03

Evaporative Cooling Evaporative cooling uses the principle of evaporation to lower the air temperature. Hot, dry air is passed through wetted filters and is converted to refreshingly cooled air. Gadabout Coolers make the best use of the evaporative process by controlling the flow of water, spreading the water evenly over the filters, and delivering a steady stream of cooled air. Gadabout evaporative coolers are 80% less costly to operate than refrigerated air conditioners. SAFETY GUIDE LINES & CAUTIONS When Operating

When Servicing

Make sure that the circuit the cooler is plugged into is equipped with a (slow blow) breaker large enough to support the full amperage of the cooler.

Always Unplug the cooler before attempting service of any kind.

To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, DO NOT use this fan with any Solid-state speed control device.

If the motor shuts off because of thermal overload, check into the problem immediately. If allowed to continue, permanent damage will occur.

This cooler is equipped with an automatic thermally protected motor. If it shuts off on its own for any reason, it can restart without warning.

Keep cord away from high traffic areas where it may come in contact with a sharp object or be run over by heavy equipment.

INSTALL DRAIN 1. Slide the Gasket over the Bushing and push through the hole in the cooler pan from the inside. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. 2. Screw the Cap onto the Bushing and HAND TIGHTEN. 3. If leakage occurs after Reservoir is full, retighten the Drain Cap until leaking stops. A small amount of silicone caulk may be used if necessary. INSTALL FLOAT 1. Place threaded portion of Float through hole in side of cabinet. 2. Place Washer onto float. 3. Thread Nut onto float, and tighten to secure. 4. Thread Garden Hose Adapter onto float. 5. To adjust float level, loosen Adjustment Screw. Adjust level so float shuts off completely when water level reaches fill line. Retighten screw. Note: The compression nut and ferrule are not required when installing the garden hose adapter. Note: You may fill the cooler by removing one of the louvers and filling the Reservoir directly from a garden hose. Note: If the front panel interferes with the operation of the float, rotate the float bulb slightly to allow proper operation. INSTALL CORD WRAP BRACKETS The Cord Wrap Brackets attach to the left front corner of the cabinet as shown. Use the ¼-20 screws and nuts provided. INSTALL CASTERS The Casters slip into the outrigger brackets at the bottom corners of the cabinet as shown. OPERATION 1. Place the unit on a level surface near an open door or window. 2. If used inside a building, you should partially open doors and/or windows to ensure adequate exhaust. 3. The cooler may be run on PUMP ONLY, for 2 to 3 minutes before fan operation, to ensure proper wetting of the pads. 4. HIGH and LOW COOL settings operate both the fan and the pump. 5. HIGH and LOW VENT settings operate only the fan. Caution: Do not operate the pump with low or no water in the reservoir. Model




626 watts/hr

551 watts/hr

662 watts/hr

4.4 cents/hr * Cost * Based on 7 cents per KWH

4.0 cents/hr

6.4 cents/hr

Power consumption


MAINTENANCE NOTE: This fan motor is thermally protected with an automatic reset and will automatically stop if overloaded. After the motor cools, it will restart automatically. If this occurs, check into the problem before permanent damage occurs.


Periodically inspect your cooler for leaks, proper belt tension and alignment, blocked water lines and excessive residue build-up on the pads. • To adjust belt tension, loosen the 4 Adjustment Bolts (2 each side) on the Motor Mount. Adjust belt tension so that 3 pounds of pressure (lightly push with one finger) will cause the belt to deflect ¾”, as shown. Retighten the Adjustment Bolts. Note: The M300 is a direct drive unit. There is no belt. • Use SAE 20W or SAE 30W non-detergent oil to lube the bearings. Place 2 to 3 drops in the bearing oil cups at the beginning of the season and no more than once a season during cooling season. If the motor has oil holes (usually plugged with yellow caps that read “OIL” at either end of the motor) oil the motor also, following the same procedure as for bearings. NOTE: • Excessive oil in the bearings may leak out and be drawn into the air stream. • Excessive oil in the motor may leak onto the motor windings and damage the motor. • The M300 has no blower bearings, but the motor may be oiled by putting 2 or 3 drops into the small, V shaped protrusion on the side of the motor. • To replace pads 1. Remove pad frames from cooler. 2. Unhook pad holders and remove. 3. Remove and discard old pads. 4. Clean mineral deposits from the pad frames. If the paint is chipped or rust spots occur, sand the spots and paint with a rust resistant exterior paint. 5. Place new filters in pad frames and tuck in to prevent hot air from bypassing. 6. Replace pad holders and hook into place. 7. Replace pad frames in cooler. NOTE: The M300 has only one pad frame. Two evaporative pads are mounted inside of the cabinet. They are accessible from the pad frame. • Cleaning cooler 1. Remove the Drain Cap and let the water drain from the reservoir. 2. Rinse dirt and debris from the pan and clean any mineral deposits that may have collected in the reservoir or on any interior surface of the cooler. 3. Clean water trays and ensure that water slots are not clogged. 4. If the paint is chipped or rust spots occur, sand the spots and paint with a rust resistant exterior paint. NOTE: Do not get water on the Fan Motor. This will cause damage.










Always unplug cooler: • Before attempting service of any kind • When not in use • When moving • When filling, if float not used




• Storing cooler 1. Drain water and clean cooler and dry thoroughly. 2. Clean or replace evaporative pads. (Remove pads from pad frames and rinse thoroughly. Allow pads to dry before replacing.) 3. Cover cooler with good quality canvas cover if storing outside (DO NOT use plastic). This will protect the finish.

TROUBLE SHOOTING PROBLEM Cooler fails to start or does not deliver air

POSSIBLE CAUSE No electrical power to unit • Fuse blown or breaker tripped • GFCI tripped Motor overheated Motor locked-up

REMEDY Check fuses or breakers and GFCI Check voltage and belt tension, replace motor if needed Replace motor

Motor cycles on and off

Low voltage

Check voltage, plug into different outlet if needed

Excessive humidity

Insufficient exhaust

Open doors or windows

Insufficient exhaust Pads plugged Insufficient exhaust Pads not wet • Pads plugged • Water distributor clogged • Pump malfunction • Water trays clogged Stale water in cooler Pads mildewed or plugged Fan rubbing housing Loose parts

Clean or replace pads Open doors or windows Check water distributor system • Clean or replace pads • Clean water distributor • Clean or replace pump • Clean water trays Drain and clean pan Clean or replace pads Realign blower wheel (unplug unit) Tighten loose parts

Float improperly adjusted

Adjust float

Inadequate air delivery

Inadequate cooling

Musty or unpleasant odor Noisy Cooler pan overflowing

LIMITED WARRANTY This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only. It does not cover damages incurred during shipping or through accident, neglect, or abuse by the owner. Tradewinds does not authorize any person or representative to assume any other or different liability in connection with this cooler. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY The CABINET is guaranteed against leakage due to rusting out for Five Years. All other original parts provided by Tradewinds are warranted against defects in material or factory workmanship for Two Years. EXCLUSIONS FROM THE WARRANTY Tradewinds is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage resulting from any malfunction. Tradewinds is not responsible for any damage occurring from the use of water softeners, chemicals, descale material, or if a higher horsepower motor than what Tradewinds recommends is used in the unit. Tradewinds is not responsible for the cost of service calls to diagnose cause of trouble, or labor charge to repair and/or replace parts. HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE UNDER THIS WARRANTY Contact the Dealer where you purchased the evaporative cooler. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the response from the Dealer, contact Customer Service Department: Tradewinds 5800 Murray Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72209. 1-501-562-1094. When contacting Customer Service, please have the following information available. Purchase Date: ___________________ Model Number: ___________________ Serial Number: ___________________



Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19

M400 Part No. 71014 71033 70973 71130 71012 71129 70982 524299 595121T 595098T 70965 70967 70959 71019 524198 71021 70980 70972

M500 Part No. 71014 71033 71027 71130 71030 71129 70982 524299 595121T 595098T 71000 70968 70958 71019 524198 71021 70980 71026



Power cord Cord wrap bracket Water hose Grill assembly Pump Knob Switch bracket Switch Pump receptacle Motor receptacle Cabinet Water distributor Top Caster Float Garden hose adapter Drain assembly Blower housing

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37


M400 Part No. 30318 30241 524330 501244 583000 70925 583009 582093 71025 325FP 50310 524162 515160 595129 504254 71103 70957 504267

M500 Part No. 30322 30238-02 524331 501241 60PB 70924 583091 582030 70955 325FP 30491 524162 70154 595129 504256 71104 70956 504269

Description Blower wheel Shaft Set collar Fiber washer Bearing Bearing support Blower pulley Belt Blower brace Motor pulley Motor Motor clamps Motor support Motor cord Pad retainer Pad Pad frame Water tray


Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

M300 Part No. 71014 71033 70973 71012 71130 71129 70982 524299 524342 595121T 71006 71100 70987 70431 589040



Power cord Cord wrap bracket Water hose Pump Grill assembly Knob Switch bracket Switch Switch box Pump receptacle Cabinet Water distributor Top Motor mount Rubber bushing

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30


M300 Part No. 70425 70423 70424 70367 71019 524198 71021 71052 504266 70415 70980 504255 71053 70375 504268

Description Inlet ring Motor Blower wheel Blower housing Caster Float Garden hose adapter Pad (side) Tray (side) Pad retainer (side) Drain assembly Pad retainer (back) Pad (back) Pad frame Water tray (back)

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