Coleman Power Chill 5640B ICELESS Instructions For Use Manual

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12-volt cooler

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Read all instructions and warnings prior to using this Coleman0 product.


MODELE 5640B, 5641, 5642 Lisez directives et avertissements avant dutiliser ce produit Coleman

ACCESSORIES AGO ESSOIR ES 1.120 Volt ACI12 Volt DC Power Supply,



allows operation of yourcooler in your home or in any other weather-protected area where household voltage is available. Item No. 5232E640T. 1 5-foot Extension Cord (used with your 8-foot power cord), allows operation of yourcooler up to 23feet away from your vehicle’s cigarette-lighter receptacle. hem No. 2239A750T. Battery Clips, allow operation of your cooler from any 12 Volt battery where a cigarette-lighter receptacle is not available.



hem No. 2239A7701. 1.Bloc dalimentation 120 volts cal 12 volts c.c. — pernret defaire marcher



Ia glaci~re ~ Ia maison ou danatout endroit ~ l’ab~ des intemp~ries, quand le courant atematfl y eat disponible. Article 5232E640T Cordon prolongateur de 4,6 m (15 pi) — ~ employeravec le cordon de 2,4 m (8 pi) pour utiliser Ia glaciArejusqu’A 7 m (23 pi) de ‘allume-cigare du vAhicule. Article 2239A750T Pinces debatterie — pour faire fonctionnerIa glaciAre sur battede de 12 volts quand un allume-cigare nest pas diaponible. Article 2239A7701


USING DEEP CYCLE RV/MARINE BAlTERIES Auxiiary 12V deep cycleRV/Manne batteneswhen used only for operatingthis cooler, will operate this coolerfor several hours before charging is necessary. The following tablemay be used as a guide to delermine maximum hours of operafon between charging.

EMPLOI DES BAlTERIES A DECHARGE PROFONDE POUR VEHICULES DE PLAISANCE OU BATEAUX Lomque uniqLement ufiliades pour alimenter Ia glacidre, ces battedes sun lisiresde 12 volta feront fonctionner lag acidre un certain nombre oheuresavant de devoir dire rechargdea. Letableau suivant donne une dde oe Ia durde du fonctonnewent enire lea recharges.

Maximum Operating Time in Hours 18 24 27 48 Puissance de Ia batterie CR2 AAD3 140 700 180 800 210 900 390 1625

Dur6e maximale de fonctionnement l8heures 24heures 27heures 48heures

‘RE5ER~E CAPACITY is the nsmber of nrinrAes the battery will sastalo a 25 ampere ostpst ar tOP 127cl before droppiog below 10.5 00Ev. ‘MARlt~E CRANKING AMPERES is the comber of amperes the battery will 5551cm tsr30 secorrds ar 32~ oct before dropping below 7.2 volts. CAPACIT~ DO RASERVE: Le vornore de esoaten pendantleqoel Ia batterie waintient 00 reodemant de 25 amphres 527 c 150 Fl aoant de hawser b n,oios ole 10,S voCs. ‘AMPdRES AU DdMAFtRAOE: Le trombre dae,peres qoe Ia batterie pest malotenir peodant 50 secondes50 C 132 P1 event ole baisser mains de 7.2 saSs.

,o puosiUlowllot~ttnx cuoss is Lultnol.tuu totrreloIlOWingpoWer sources:

1. The CIGARETrE-LlOf-ITER RECEPTACLE ofa vehicle with its engine running. 2. A 12-Volt (61010 AMPERE AUTOMATIC) or a 12-Volt (6 AMPERE NONAUTOMATIC) battery charger connected toa 12-volt battery, see figure 1. 3. A Coleman POWER SUPPLY Model No. 5232E640T conneded to a 1 20-Voh 60Hz walt socket (See accessories section.)


PLEASE NOTE: When a vehicle’s batteryis not being charged (usually afren the vehicle’s engine is not running), this cooler shouldnot be operatedmore than about 4 hours. Longer operation will almost always shorten the battery’s life in the long term and diminish its starting power in the short term. (See the following section on PV/Marine batteries forbattery usage overextendedperiods of time.) (PLEASE NOTE: Battery chargers haye anAC output that will damage the fan motorand reduce cooling performance. The 12-voll battery in the circuit removes this harmful AC output.)


FIGURE 2 1. Connect the POWER CORDLINK with the BLUE thermometer symbolsaligned, as shown in figLre 2. 2. Connect the cooler to one of the power sources previously mentioned. 3. This cootar will not chill foods and beverages as fast as your home refrigerator. Please don’t expect to do so. An empty cooler will cool down in about 3 hours. Warm terns paced in the coolerwill sow the cooling rate. .

1. Thoroughly cook all hot foods — especially meat, poultry, and fish — before placing them in the cooler. Wrap hot food containers in several layers of newspaper to hold the temperature higherand to prevent burns to yourself and damage to the cooler’s interior. 2. The cooler’s internal temperature will seldom exceed 12SF when the surrounding temperature is 2SF or above. At surrounding temperatures below 257 the cooler temperature will be about 1 OO’F warmer than the surrounding temperature. 3. WARNING:To help prevent food poisoning, keep cooked foods at 1407 or hotter, Again, wrapping foods in layers of newspaper he ps tohold heat. It the food temperature drops below 1 40’Ffor 2 hours, reheat thoroughly before servng. 4. Also, do not heat sealed containers. These containers may burst from internal pressure which increases during heating, thereby causing personal injury or damage to the cooler.

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Unplug cooler before cleaning or servicing your cooler. 1. All surfaces may be cleaned with a small amount of dishwashing solution applied with a damp sponge. Do not oversaturate the sponge. Towel cry all water from insidecooler. 2. Tough sta ns may be removed with an all-purpose liquid cinaner sprayed on the stain and then scrubbed with a plastic scrubber or brush. All liquid cleaners should be removed with a damp sponge. 3. To prevent odors from accumulating in the cooler, leave the lid open for several hours after each use. 4. Defrost yourcooler if you not on diminished cooling capability, feel ice buildup on internal tins or notice less air flow through the internal fins. Your cooler may oe easily defrosted by following these steps: 1. remove all dews from the cooler 2. put the cooler in the heating mode 3. piace the cooler in its horizontal position 4. after abort 15 minutes, switch the cooler to the cooling mode S. sponge or towel al water from inside the cooler 6. return items to the cooler. S. At least once ayear remove the front panel and brush any I nt and dirt from the fan blades and outside heat sink witn a soft br.stled brash. Lint on these parts will reduce the cooling and warming ability of the cooler. If more thorough cleaning is desired, first remove 1) the fan motor, 2) the terminal block and 3) the power cord. These three items must be kept dry. All other parts ofthe cooler may becleaned with a sponge or brush and dishmashing solution.

REPLACEMENT PARTS 1. Lid with tatch and gasket. Item No. 5640-5501. 2. Modute repair kit. Item No. 5640-5211. 3. Fan motor. fern No. 5640A665R. 4. 8-foot power cord. Item No. 5640-3661. 5. Tray. ttem No. 5640-2501. 6. Two-piece f an set. tfem No. 5640-3721. tf your ref alterdoes not have these items you may purchase them by catting — in U.S.A. 1-800-835-3278 TDD: 316-832-8707 or, in Canada 1 800 387-6161. Or you may write to: The Coteman Co., Inc., P.O. Box 1762 The Canadian Coteman Co., Ltd. Wichita, KS 67201-0706 15 North Queen Street Altention: Consumer Service Toronlo, Ontario M8Z 2C6



CAPACITY: Fifty-eight (12) oz. beverage cans or six (2 liter) beverage bottles. 40 U.S. Quarts, 1.34 cu-h, 37.85 liters inside votume. OtMENSIONS & WEtGHTS Average inside dimensions: 15-3/4x10x12-1/2 talt Outside dimensions: 21-3/4x t5x 17-lltttatt Shipping dimensions: 23-3/40 17-1/4xltt-5/tt lalt Empty Weight: 17 lbs. Shipping Weight: 19 lbs. POWER REQUIREMENTS 9.5to14.4VoltsDC, 4Amperes C l2VoltsDC Nominal. COOLtNG PERFORMANCE Cools trom 3ttF to 42F betowthe average surrounding temperature. Empty cooler reachesminimum temperature in 3 hours. HEATtNG PERFORMANCE Heats Irom 11 0’F to 140F at average surrounding temperature of 25Tor above. At surrounding temperatures betow2sF the cocter temperature witt be shout lOOT warmer than the surrounding temperature. Empty cooter reaches maximum temperature in 2 hours. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 8 foot 18 AWG copper power cord with red LED power indication. Reversing power cord link for selecting cooling or heating modes. Brushless sleeve bearing fan motor. High temperature cut-out switch. Thermoelectric Cooling and Heating Module (Pettier Element). Opecircarons subiecr a chanm wrhour force.



1 800 835 3278 U.S.A. 1 800 387 6161 CDN

5640A050 (2/98) RI.

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