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OWNERS INFORMATION Model: SSPSU CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Introduction OperatingInstructions Explanationof the Scope 55 Iron heating method and benefits How to solderwith your Model SSPSU Routine maintenance Warnings Where to get service Partslist and assemblydiagram


1. INIRODUCll0N You have just purchaseda SCOPE 100W SolderingSystem. If for any reasonyou are not happy with this tool, pleasetell us. You can write, phone or fax: Warren & Brown & Staff Pty Ltd, 108 Mitchell Street, Maidstone, Victoria 3012, Australia Phone:(03) 93185844 Fax: (03) 9318 6091 Your solderingsystemcomesin two parts: The SuperScope"Iron (Code55 ) and the Power Supply Unit (CodePSU). The PSU will power your iron - under no circumstances should you connect a Superscope direct to the mains. Your Superscope's temperaturecan be manuallycontrolled through the switch ring. A gentle pushf.releaseaction and internal springmeansauto switch off the moment you let go of the black push ring. Follow the simpleinstructionsfor trouble free operation. . You may optiOf!aIlypurchasethe 70W "Miniscope"iron Code MS (usingthe samePSU as your Superscope)if a small pencil iron is more suitedto your job. 2. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 2.1

Iron to PSU connection The spadeconnectorson the iron lead can be attachedto either terminal (beingAC supply). Warning: When attachinga secondScope tool to your PSU (suchas the 70W pencil Miniscopeiron or Metal Etching Pen),alwaysconnect all "Marked" leadsto one terminal to avoid tools of different polarity shorting againsteach other. Note: Becauseyour Scope 100W Heavy Duty Station draws 30A at around 3.3VAC when heating, all connectorsand terminalsare heavyduty and shouldbe tightened with spanneror pliers.


PSU To Power Point Connection PSU can be connectedto any generalpurpose power outlet/power point. Note: Iron Rest Location Mount the rest on the top surfaceof the PSU, a choice of position is provided includinga transverseoption. The rest can be reversedto allow the PSU to be mounted below the bench.


3. EXPLANAll0N OF mE SCOPE HEAllNG PRINCIPLE AND BENERTS Your Scope 100W Solderingsystemdraws heavy 30A current from the PSU whenewr you push the heat switch ring forward. (Part 17) This current passesup the centre rod inside the barrel to the carbon element. (part 3) 3.1

Element and TIp Designed for Periodic replacement (spares kit supplied) The carbon elementreachesextrerI'.elyhigh temperaturein seconds. This intense heat (and 30A current) passesinto the solderingtip creating soldering temperatureswithin 5-6 seconds. The return path for this current is back through the stainlesssteelbarrel.


Heat SwItch Ring Controls Heat When the switch ring is pushedforward it makeselectricalcontact betweenthe heat source(element)and workface (copper tip).


Benefits of Scope Heatbtg System

a. Instant Heat - Fast Cooling - SavesPower You can insert a cool iron through heat sensitivecircuitry then apply instant heat. Tips remabt cleaner b. Instantly variable heat - wider range of jobs with one Iron Youcontrolthe heatswitch- heavierjoints need more heat - solderflow tells you what heat is needed. 4. HOW TO SOlDER Preheattip - push forward heat switch ring holding solderto the tip. Stop when solder melts - releaseheat switch ring (part 17) Bring tip to solderinglocation Pressring forward to add additional heat Apply solderbetweentip and work face When solderflow is adequate: remove solder releaseHeat Switch Ring

.. .

withdraw tip

Solderjoint should remaintotally steadytill soldersolidifies. 5. ROU11NE MAINTENANCE Your Scope' COWsolderingiron offers you the very unusualbenefit of simple D.I.Y . maintenanceon the job. (No need to return the tool for factory maintenance). 5.1

TIp replacement (spares kit supplied) The tip (part lA, 1B) is designedfor periodic cleaningand replacement. Its sizeand shapewill alter over time due to the contact with hot solder. Normal life 3 - 12 months. a. To remove TIp - hold barrel (part 2) with one pair of pliers and the tip with a secondpair - unscrew.(SeePhoto 1) b. To clean - removedark coating on rear face of tip to restore good electrical contact wheneverheating becomessluggish. c. To renew - insert new tip and only tighten slightly firmer than finger tight. Note: SmearSCOPEANTI-SEIZEhigh temperaturegreaseto thread. d. To clean thread if a new tip does not enter easily- run a 1/4" WHIT tap into barrel threadto removeflux contamination.





Element replacement (spares kit supplied) The carbon element(part 3) is designedfor periodic replacement. It gradually becomesshorter due to the intenseheat generated. Normal life 3 - 12 months. a. To remove - Unscrewbarrel (part 2 - See Photo 2), hold the carbonelements metal body with one pair of pliers - hold the locknut (part 4) behindthe metal body stationarywith a secondpair of pliers; rotate the elementbody. (SeePhoto 3) b. To replace - Reversethe removal process. Note: Apply SCOPEAN11 SIEZEhigh temperaturegreaseto thread. Warning: Do not disturb position of locknut the heat switch dependson this factory setting remaining undisturbed.


6. WARNINGS 6.1 Power Supply The iron must only be connectedto the PSU - DO NOT CONNECT IRON DIRECT TO MAINS 6.2 Overloading The PSU is fitted with a thermal fuse to comply with Australianelectricalstandards. The safe duty cycle is 6 secsON 36 secsOFF 6.3 If PSU Too Hot If you can't touch the outsidecasingof PSU - you may be overloadingit due to overuse or have an internal short circuit. Switch off and checkimmediately. 6.4 If Iron Drops or is Hit Immediatelyunscrewbarrel (part 02) anq inspect: a. carbon element(Part 03) b. ceramic insulators(part 05) If cracked or chipped- replace to avoid internal short circuits and PSU overload. 7. WHERE TO GET SERVICE Contact Warren & Brown & Staff Pty Ltd Phone: (03) 9318 5844 Fax: (03) 9318 6091 or Returnto your retailer 8. OTHER SCOPE PRODUCTS THAT USE YOUR PSU Miniscope Iron The Scope 70W penciliron (ModelMS) providesa miniature (2.5mm Tip) versionof the Model 55 you havejust purchased. Metal Etching Pen This tool writes permanentlyon ANY metal that is not coated in non conductingmaterial. It writes regardlessof metal hardness.

IRON: Made in Australia PSU: Made in Hong Kong





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_cn,""'-, CD Z CD ='



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~- CD cn 3 ~

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[email protected])-


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(QC= ,~





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c= -










1. TO REMOVE TIP Hold barrel with one pair of pliers and unscrew the"tip with a second pair of pliers.


Hold elementbodywith pliersthen while holdinglock nut steady with secondpair of pliers,unscrewelement.

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