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Wireless wall switch

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SS13 Wireless Wall Switch The default address of the switch is House Code A. The first (top) rocker key will control Unit Code 1, the next rocker Unit Code 2, etc. The lower rocker key will Bright and Dim the Module last controlled.

To change the House Code: 1. Press and hold the first (top) ON rocker. The red LED blinks once. 3 seconds later, the LED blinks the current setting: 1 blink for House Code A, 2 blinks for B …. 16 blinks for P. 2. Release the first (top) ON rocker key. 3. Press and release the first (top) ON rocker key the appropriate number of times for the House Code you want to set. Once for A, twice for B, etc. The LED blinks for each press. IMPORTANT: Hold the key on your last press. 3 seconds later, the LED blinks back the new setting, e.g. 3 blinks for House Code C. If you do not follow this programming sequence, the LED will stay on for 1 second and your existing setting will not be changed. To change the Unit Code: To program a new Unit Code, you will program the Unit Code of the first (top) rocker key. The other rocker keys will then automatically numbered 1 # higher than the rocker key direct above (e.g. when the first rocker is set to Unit Code 6, the 2nd will be Unit Code 7 and the 3rd rocker will be Unit Code 8). 1. Press and hold the top OFF rocker key. The red LED blinks once. 3 seconds later, the LED blinks the current setting: 1 blink for Unit Code 1, 2 blinks for 2, 16 blinks for 16. 2. Release the top OFF rocker key. 3. Press and release the top OFF rocker key the appropriate number of times for the Unit Code you want. IMPORTANT: Hold the key on your last press: 3 seconds later the new code blinks back. If you do not follow this programming sequence, the LED will stay on for 1 second and your existing setting will not be changed. To change the battery: Open battery holder and fit a CR2032 Lithium battery. Observe polarity.


GENERAL INFORMATION & TROUBLE SHOOTING HOW DOES X-10 WORK? X-10 components use the existing 240V mains wiring to communicate (using X-10 signals). You can build a complete system using the three different basic kinds of components available in the X-10 system: 1. 2. 3.

Modules: These components will receive X-10 signals and will switch or dim an attached lamp or appliance. Controllers: These components will transmit X-10 signals, thus will control the Modules. Transmitters: Wireless components such like remotes and motion sensors. The signals of these components will be received by a controller with transceiver functionality (TM13 or the console of an X-10 security system). The transceiver will translate the signals from the transmitter into X-10 on the power line.

ADDRESSES You can select up to 256 addresses by setting the two code wheels on the modules. The two code wheels divide the address into a House Code (A to P) and a Unit Code (1 to 16). On controllers, generally only the House code only is selectable. When modules and controllers are set to the same House Code they will work together.

RANGE OF X-10 SIGNALS OVER THE POWER LINE AND HOW TO INCREASE THE RANGE The X-10 system is based on power line communication (PLC). The range of the X-10 signal is very much dependent on the local circumstances. An average range is a cable length of 80 meters. If you have difficulty with the range of your X-10 signals, please pay attention to the following facts: 1. When more than one phase is used for your electrical system, it is necessary to couple these phases for the X-10 system. For coupling, you can use the FD10 Phase Coupler/Filter or the CAT6272 Active Repeater available from Envious Technology. You only need to use a coupler when your Modules and Controllers are divided over more than one phase (more than one circuit on the same phase is ok). 2. It is possible that X-10 signals are being attenuated (reduced) by devices connected to your power lines. In a normal home situation this should not pose a problem (the X-10 system uses active gain control to eliminate the effects). However, it is possible that a particular device in your house is attenuating the signals so much that the range of the X-10 signals is decreased significantly. If you have a range problem it is wise to try to locate the device causing the attenuation simply by unplugging it and testing the difference in your X-10 system. When you find the offending device, you can use an FM10 filter module (available from Envious Technology) between the power line and the offending device. Known devices that can cause attenuation include PC Monitors, PC’s with heavy internal power supplies, Old televisions, Photocopiers, Fluorescent lights, Energy saving lights. 3. The mains power does not stop at the front door of your home. Everything that is attached to mains nearby can have influence on X-10 signals (eg Heavy Machinery). If you think that external devices are influencing your system, it is advisable to install an FD10 Phase Coupler/Filter on each phase entering the house (there is normally only one phase). The filters will block X-10 signals coming into or going out of your house and will also match the impedance for the mains.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) • CAN MY X-10 MODULES SWITCH ON/OFF SPONTANEOUSLY? The actual X-10 command send on the power lines is a digital signal which could not be generated by any other device, noise etc. It is possible that an X-10 system installed at one of your neighbours is using the same house code and that their X-10 controllers are controlling your modules. To solve this problem, change the House Code(s) that your system is using or have an FD10 Phase Coupler/Filter installed at your incoming mains. • WHY WON’T MY MODULES RESPOND TO MY CONTROLLER Make sure that the House Code on all Modules and Controllers are set to the same House Code (A to P). Controllers without a House Code rotary wheel can operate with all House Codes. • WHY WON’T MY MODULES RESPOND TO MY REMOTE CONTROL/WIRELESS TRANSMITTER? When you use a remote or wireless transmitter (MS13 motion sensor etc), you will need at least one TM13 transceiver module installed in your house. These components will translate the radio signals sent from the transmitter to the X-10 signals sent on the power line. Only one transceiver should be installed for all remotes/transmitters set to the same house code. • AM I ABLE TO INCREASE THE RANGE OF MY REMOTES BY USING MORE TRANSCEIVER MODULES? Yes, you can use more than one TM13 transceiver in your home when the range of your remotes is not sufficient. The TM13 uses so called ‘collision detection’ to prevent signals being disturbed when more than one TM13 is transmitting on the same house code. TM13’s will wait for a quiet power line before transmitting their data. To prevent your X-10 system from becoming slow or to prevent the dimming of modules from becoming less smooth, make sure that the TM13 units are placed as far away from each other as possible. WARRANTY INFORMATION If you believe that your product is faulty and have read fully through the information above, please contact your original place of purchase. Proof of purchase will be required. For more information on the above and on other products offered by Envious Technology, please visit our webpage at www.envioustechnology.com.au


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