Toshiba Satellite 2515CDS Specifications

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Toshiba satellite 2515cds: specifications

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SATELLITE 2515CDS Product Specifications MODEL PART NUMBER PROCESSOR Intel Pentium 266Mhz (2.0v/2.5v) w/MMX Integrated Coprocessor Processor Cache LEVEL 2 (L2) CACHE Data Bus Width/Data Bus Speed DATA RAM: Type of cache memory Access Time SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE PCI BUS (v.2.1): (32-bit, 33 MHz) ISA BUS: 16-bit, 8.25 MHz MEMORY: 64Mbit EDO DRAM, 3.3V Standard Maximum Speed Hyper Page mode memory access Data Bus width Local Bus Clock Speed BIOS (512KB: 4Mbit FLASH EPROM, 5V) DISPLAY Type Size Dot Pitch Contrast Ratio VIDEO Memory: 4Mbit EDO DRAM, 3.3V Speed Hyper Page mode support Controller Chip Data Bus Width PCI Bus Architecture w/burst mode Graphics Accelerator: 2D graphics support 3D graphics support Digital Video Accelerator: YUV-to-RGB color space conversion Scaling/Interpolation DirectMPEG DirectVideo support Color Palette Internal Support Resolution Full Screen 800 x 600 Smaller Image 640 x 480 Virtual Display Mode 1024 x 768 Virtual Display Mode 1280 x 1024 External Support Resolution 640 x 480 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024

2515CDS/4.3 billion bytes PAS251U-S6CW8 Yes Yes 32KB: (16KB code; 16KB data) Yes: 512KB 64 bit/66 MHz Yes 1 Mbit Pipelined Burst Synchronous SRAM, 2.5v 8 ns Connecting Devices PC Card Slots, Graphics Controller, HDD, CD-ROM, FDD BIOS, Sound chip, KBC 32 MB 160 MB 60ns Yes 64 bit 66 MHz Supports APM (v.1.2), ACPI, PnP (v.1.2), VESA (v.2.0), DPMS, DCC2B, DMI (v.2.0) PCI BIOS Color Bright Dual Scan (800 x 600) 12.1” Diagonal .30mm x .30mm 40:1 2 MB 50ns Yes C&T 69000 64-bit Yes: 32-bit, 33 MHz Yes with 64-bit BitBLT support DirectDraw, H/W Cursor Direct3D Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes:w/Game SDK driver fr/Microsoft 16.7M colors Colors Support 16.7M colors 16.7M colors 64K colors 256 colors Colors Support 16.7M colors colors 16.7M colors colors 64K colors 256 colors

Vertical Refresh Rate (Non-Interlaced) 85Hz @ 64K color 85Hz @ 64K color 60 Hz @ 64K color 60 Hz @ 64K color

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SATELLITE 2515CDS Product Specifications MODEL PART NUMBER ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN HDD Removable HDD (2.5” Enhanced IDE) Height Buffer Burst Data Transfer Rate FDD (3.5” 1.44MB; 12.7mm high) Simultaneous FDD & CD-ROM Support CD-ROM: (5.25” ; 12.7mm high) Weight Interface Random Access Time Average Sustained Transfer Rate Burst Data Transfer Rate Supported Disc formats KEYBOARD 84/86 keys, 3mm Travel Key support Key board height Key Pitch Cursor control (8 Keys, Inverted “T”) Numeric keypad (Integrated Overlay) Integrated Pointing Device EXPANSION SLOTS Two Stacked PC Card Slots Support Standards Internal Memory Slot (One only) EXPANSION PORTS One 9-Pin Serial (16550 UART equivalent) One 25-Pin Parallel (8 bit ECP) One 15-Pin RGB (SVGA video) Fast Infrared port (Back only) One (PS/2) 101 Keyboard/Mouse port Universal Serial Bus (USB) port Microphone (3.5mm mini jack, monaural) Headphone (3.5mm mini jack, stereo) Line-in (3.5mm mini jack, stereo, 2V rms) Noteworthy security lock port PC Card MODEM (Bundled) Data support Protocols supported Error correction Data compression Fax support Protocols supported Command Set

2515CDS/4.3 billion bytes PAS251U-S6CW8

4.3 billion bytes (13msec read/14msec write) -- (One Screw Service removable) 9.5mm 512KB Ultra DMA33 Mode2 (33.3MB/sec) or PIO Mode 4 (16.7MB/sec) Yes Yes: two independent internal units 24X Maximum Speed .62 lbs. .ATAPI (Enhanced IDE) with 128KB buffer 130 ms 3,600 KB/sec PIO Mode 4 (16.7MB/sec) or Multi Word DMA Mode2 (16.6MB/sec) CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-ROM XA, Photo CD (Multisession), Video CD, CD Extra (CD Plus), CD-G, CD-RW (read only) Yes Windows 95/98, Application, & 12 dedicated function keys 8mm 19.05mm Yes Yes AccuPoint Yes: Holds two - 5mm PC Cards Type II or one - 10.5mm PC Card Type III. Yes: Supports 32-bit, 3.3V PC CardBus cards and 16-bit, 5.0V PC card standards Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes: IrDA 1.1:4Mbps compatible Yes: “Y”connector supported Yes: Supports 127devices. Throughput Rate: 12Mbits/sec. Yes Yes Yes Yes 3Com-Noteworhty 56K PC Card Modem Bell-103,& 212A, V.23, V.22, V.22bis, V.32, V.32bis, V.34, V.34+, V.90 V.42/MNP 2-5 MNP 5, CCITT V.42 bis Group 3, EIA/TIA, Fax class 1 V.17, V.21 Channel 2, V.27 ter, V.29, V.33 Hayes, Microcom compatible AT commands

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SATELLITE 2515CDS Product Specifications MODEL 2515CDS/4.3 billion bytes PART NUMBER PAS251U-S6CW8 POWER (All models) 3.94”L x 1.96”W x 0.98”H --- .46 lbs. Autosensing External AC Adapter Input (Voltage/Frequency) 100-240V; 50-60Hz Output (Voltage/Amps) 15 VDC; 2A (max) Power Output (Watts) 30W Battery Type: Li-Ion (10.8V, 3600mAH) Yes (one standard): Part# PA2487URN Battery Life: (Full Power) 2.5+ hrs. Recharge Time (Computer Off/On) 3+ hrs.. depending on the computer function performed ACPI (v.1.0) Power Management Yes SOUND SYSTEM Yamaha Sound System Chipset: Yamaha OPL3-SA3 16-bit stereo audio playback/record Yes Maximum sampling ratge 48 kHz FM Synthesis support Yes (Soft Wave Table included) Full duplex function Yes Sound formats supported: SoundBlaster Pro V3.01, Windows Sound System V2.0, MIDI 3D Sound Support Yes Direct3DSound, DirectSound support Yes: with Windows 95 Game SDK driver from Microsoft Speaker system Two top-mounted stereo speakers (28mm, 8 Ω) with volume control DIMENSIONS Dimensions Weight Notebook 12.17”W x 10.2”D x 1.7”H 6.7 lbs. AC Adapter 3.94”L x 1.96”W x 0.98”H .46 lbs. Battery (Standard) 6.87”L x 2.76”W x .73”H .88 lbs. BUNDLED SOFTWARE Windows®98; Ring Zero Ring Central Dialer application, Intel Indeo Video, Mediamatics Arcade Pak, Prodigy Internet, Symantec Norton Antivirus Scanner 4.0; Disney Daily Blast, Microsoft Money 98; Microsoft Outlook; Intuit Quicken Basic 98; Fn-esse, Online documentation CD’s Included: Recovery/Backup Combo CD; Microsoft Encarta 98 MPEG version (2 CD package); Microsoft Bookshelf, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Outlook 98 Choice of a Total of 5 Additional Software Titles Lotus SmartSuite Millenium Edition (counts as 5 selections) Mobile Productivity K-6 Education Laplink Math Blaster 6-9 Rand McNally Trip Planner The Way Things Work USA 98: Streets & Destinations Ultimate Creativity & Writing Center Print Artist 4.0 Eyewitness Children’s Encyclopedia Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse 7-12 Education Entertainment Algebra Blaster Don’t Know Jack 3 Encyclopedia of Science Sierra Front Page Sports Skiing Student Writing Center Abe’s Oddysee Higher Score Guaranteed ACT/SAT/PSAT Total Annihilation Cable Lock slot, PC Card lock slot, screen blank, keyboard lock SECURITY Hardware Password Power-on, Supervisor, & HDD password (both drives) 1 YR Parts / 1 YR. Labor / 1 YR. Battery WARRANTY ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS Operating Non-operating Temperature: 41°F (5°C) to 95°F (35°C) -4°F (-20°C) to 149°F (65°C) Thermal Gradient: 20º C per hour (max.) N/A N/A Relative Humidity: Operating 20% to 80% non-condensing 10% to 90% non-condensing Altitude: Operating -197 to 9,843ft. (-60 to 3000m) -197 to 32,808ft. (-60 to 10,000m) Shock: Operating 10G; 1.5G w/CD-ROM installed 60G; 50G w/CD-ROM installed Vibration: Operating 0.5G; 0.25G w/CD-ROM installed 1G; 1G w/CD-ROM installed

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